Wellness Clinic

Wellness Clinics are a great opportunity for members of our community to take advantage of low-cost wellness and preventative services to help your pet continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Wellness clinics are offered at the San Antonio Humane Society on Fredericksburg Rd.

All services are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

wellness services
wellness services

What to Expect:

All pet owners hoping to take advantage of these low-cost services must have their dog on a leash, and their cat in a humane cat carrier during visit. Loose and/or uncontrolled animals are not allowed.

At our wellness clinics, our staff briefly examine your pet to determine if they’re healthy enough to receive vaccinations and other services. If our veterinarians feel your pet may be too sick for vaccines, they will refer you to your regular veterinarian or nearest emergency clinic.

Wellness Clinic Schedule
– We offer first come first serve Wellness Clinics on most Saturdays, see SAhumane.org/events for our Saturday schedule (to be seen you need to check-in before 1.30pm).

– We offer appointment based Wellness Clinics on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm, schedule your weekday appointment here (if no appointments are showing, it means we are fully booked).

Please fill out and bring, or send the following:
– Any previous medical and vaccine records for your pet
– Fredericksburg Rd. location: English –  Vaccination and Services Form (including cost), SpanishVacunas Y Servicios Disponibles (incluido el costo),  send it to medical@SAhumane.org.

You can order preventative medicine here! (only for customers that have been seen within the past year & have a valid rabies vaccination on file)

– Due to being short staffed we currently have a limited number of wellness clinics (Saturday’s ONLY). We will see as many people as we can during these clinics, we just ask to please be patient with us.
– Although our Wellness Clinics are set to start at 8 a.m., we cannot open our doors unless there is an officer present. Thank you for your understanding.
– See SAhumane.org/events for current schedule (dates and times vary). To be seen you need to check-in before 11:30am!

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