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PLEASE NOTE: Quantity equals the number of doses. Also, this is only for pre existing customers (only for customers that have been seen within the past year & have a valid rabies vaccination on file)!

Heartgard up to 25 lbs

Price: $7.60

Heartgard 26-50 lbs

Price: $9.20

Heartgard 51-100 lbs

Price: $11.40

Nexgard 4-10 lbs

Price: $21.60

Nexgard 10-24 lbs

Price: $22.70

Nexgard 24-60 lbs

Price: $23.80

Nexgard 60.1-121 lbs

Price: $24.90

Revolution 2.8-5.5 lbs.

Price: $16.20

Revolution 5.6-11 lbs

Price: $18.40

Revolution 11.1-22 lbs

Price: $19.50

Simparica 2.8-5.5 lbs

Price: $24.90

Simparica 5.6-11 lbs.

Price: $26.00

Simparica 11.1-22 lbs

Price: $27.00

Simparica 22.1-44 lbs

Price: $27.60

Simparica 44.1-88 lbs

Price: $28.10

Simparica 88.1-132 lbs

Price: $29.20

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Before we can process your purchase, a member of our staff will be calling to confirm the order and accept payment.

Please note - a $11.10 flat rate shipping charge will be added to the total of your order!

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