Silver-Belle’s Story

Beautiful Silver-Belle has quickly stolen our hearts! Her sweet personality and loving demeanor have persevered despite her journey. This 2-year-old Shepherd mix girl was hit by a truck in the middle of the night shortly before Thanksgiving.

Good Samaritans caught the incident on their security camera, rushed to her aid, and tried to care for her. Her medical needs were too extensive, so they brought her to the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) hoping we could help. In that moment of uncertainty, there was a silver lining. Our medical team was determined to give her a second chance.

Silver-Belle had many abrasions from the accident, a fractured humerus, and a completely torn CCL (similar to the ACL in a human’s knee). She was also very heavily lactating and must have given birth to puppies in the days before her injuries. On intake, we found out that she was also heartworm positive. Despite the odds, Silver-Belle has undergone three orthopedic surgeries, a spay surgery, and a FULL course of heartworm treatment. After 100 days of care, SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Amanda Preczewski says she is finally ready to find her forever home.

“I believe she will thrive with an active family who can keep her safe and show her the love that she deserves,” Dr. Preczewski shared. “I truly don’t know how such a big personality fits into her little 40-lb self. She is extremely intelligent and communicative and will tell you what she’s thinking and what she wants (usually treats) with her facial expressions and funny grumbles. She loves to be outside and really loves sniff walks but is also a great cuddle buddy when she’s tired and will lay in your lap and just take in all the attention.”

It was clear Silver-Belle was a special dog. She loves saying hi to everyone she passes in the hallway and likes to give kisses. According to Rehab Tech Michael Johnson, she’s also too smart for her own good.

“She has been such a funny and spectacular dog to work with! Sometimes, she demands to go to the rehab room simply because she knows that’s where she can get her peanut butter. Considering the severity of her injuries, she’s gotten to live a life of luxury. Massages, laser therapy, slow walks, and, of course, lots of treats. I’m so excited to watch her go free to a family that deserves her,” Johnson added.

Silver-Belle is looking for a loving and patient home (with no cats) where she can continue her healing journey. She received her last heartworm treatment last week and is still on leash-walk-only restrictions for another 5-6 weeks. After that, she is expected to make a full recovery. If you’d like to give her the loving home she needs, visit her today! She’s ready to give you unconditional love!

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