In 2016, the San Antonio Humane Society partnered with Glenoaks Elementary School to create a program for students needing additional reading practice. Throughout the year a humane educator and canine companion visited the school and the students participating in the program took turns reading out loud to this special animal ambassador. On alternating months, the students visited the San Antonio Humane Society to read to the puppies and kittens available for adoption. The benefits of this program were twofold – the kids were given a chance to practice reading in a comfortable, judgement-free zone, and the animals gained valuable social time. By the end of the year, the students’ reading abilities showed remarkable improvement, and scores jumped several levels for all students participating. The SAHS has expanded this wonderful program to include several schools in San Antonio.

Participating schools:
Adams Hill Elementary School
Brauchle Elementary School
Cable Elementary School
Colby Glass Elementary School
Douglas Academy Elementary School
Elrod Elementary School
Frances Rhodes Elementary School
Glenoaks Elementary School
Lieck Elementary School
Martin Elementary School
Taft High School

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