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Get your heart ready because we have a feeling you’ll be falling in love with Phoenix! This sweet 5-month-old Retriever mix came into our care with a burn injury that was already scabbing down his back. It’s hard for us to determine what really happened to him, but we suspect it was likely a burn from a hot water hose. With the help of our incredible medical team, Phoenix received the necessary treatment and care to help him feel safe and comfortable.

Phoenix 3

A thin layer of wound balm was applied over the entire wound twice a day and laser therapy was also performed twice a week to accelerate his healing and reduce his pain. He quickly became a staff favorite, especially when he was seen wearing his doggy goggles! Phoenix is now feeling much better, slowly perking up and letting us see the incredibly sweet and loving boy that he is.

Phoenix 1

He’s healing nicely and has come way out of his initial shell. He came in so scared and is now a big love bug who just wants constant attention! He loves to put his paws on your shoulders and gives you his AMAZING Phoenix smile! He loves his belly rubs and is now starting to get into toys! He’s also starting to become a dancer with our volunteers. He definitely enjoys showing off his sporty protective shirts that shield his burn areas. And treats?? Oh YEAH – he definitely likes those (highly therapeutic, he’ll tell ya!). It’s great to finally see a real smile on this lovable boy!


His story is a reminder for all families to PLEASE check the temperature of their water hose if they’re thinking of using it to cool or bathe their pups this summer. If the water hose is left under the Texas hot sun, the water will come out too hot! Again, that’s what we believe caused Phoenix’s burn.

After two weeks of treatment, we are excited to announce that Phoenix is now ready to find his new FURever home! You can’t tell us you’re not falling in love with this sweet boy already! He has the softest eyes and biggest heart. He loves gentle pets and treats! He’s looking for a place where he can grow up and feel safe and loved.

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