Read about some of our medical stories - Just like the heroic sled dog he was named after, little Balto embarked on a lifesaving journey. With the help of his foster mom, Pam, the 5-month-old Hound puppy made the 7-hour trek from San Antonio to LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge Louisiana, where he received the heart surgery he needed to survive.

Silver-Belle had many abrasions from being hit by a truck, a fractured humerus, and a completely torn CCL (similar to the ACL in a human's knee).

Magnificent Queen with severe hip dysplasia, as well as arthritis and spondylosis. To help her live a more comfortable life, Queen received hip surgery and laser therapy, and has been working on her physical rehabilitation to gain strength.

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At the San Antonio Humane Society, we make every effort to find the best home for the pets in our care. Sadly, many of the dogs and cats that come to us have been abused, neglected, injured or have chronic illnesses. These injured or ill animals are treated based on the funds available at the time of intake or illness. Through the Michaels Medical Rescue Fund, you can choose to make a contribution to a special needs animal. This will decrease the costs associated with the provision of necessary medical care they need and deserve. Once these animals are healthy, they will then be available to the public for adoption. We appreciate any contribution offered.

March 2023 - Silver-Belle - Adopted
Beautiful Silver-Belle has quickly stolen our hearts! Her sweet personality and loving demeanor have persevered despite her journey. This 2-year-old Shepherd mix girl was hit by a truck in the middle of the night shortly before Thanksgiving.

Good Samaritans caught the incident on their security camera, rushed to her aid, and tried to care for her. Her medical needs were too extensive, so they brought her to the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) hoping we could help. In that moment of uncertainty, there was a silver lining. Our medical team was determined to give her a second chance.

Silver-Belle had many abrasions from the accident, a fractured humerus, and a completely torn CCL (similar to the ACL in a human's knee). She was also very heavily lactating and must have given birth to puppies in the days before her injuries. On intake, we found out that she was also heartworm positive. Despite the odds, Silver-Belle has undergone three orthopedic surgeries, a spay surgery, and a FULL course of heartworm treatment. After 100 days of care, SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Amanda Preczewski says she is finally ready to find her forever home.

“I believe she will thrive with an active family who can keep her safe and show her the love that she deserves,” Dr. Preczewski shared. “I truly don't know how such a big personality fits into her little 40-lb self. She is extremely intelligent and communicative and will tell you what she's thinking and what she wants (usually treats) with her facial expressions and funny grumbles. She loves to be outside and really loves sniff walks but is also a great cuddle buddy when she's tired and will lay in your lap and just take in all the attention.”

It was clear Silver-Belle was a special dog. She loves saying hi to everyone she passes in the hallway and likes to give kisses. According to Rehab Tech Michael Johnson, she’s also too smart for her own good.

“She has been such a funny and spectacular dog to work with! Sometimes, she demands to go to the rehab room simply because she knows that's where she can get her peanut butter. Considering the severity of her injuries, she's gotten to live a life of luxury. Massages, laser therapy, slow walks, and, of course, lots of treats. I'm so excited to watch her go free to a family that deserves her,” Johnson added.

Silver-Belle is looking for a loving and patient home (with no cats) where she can continue her healing journey. She received her last heartworm treatment last week and is still on leash-walk-only restrictions for another 5-6 weeks. After that, she is expected to make a full recovery. If you’d like to give her the loving home she needs, visit her today! She’s ready to give you unconditional love!

January 2023 - Darla
One-year-old puppy, Darla, is on the mend after undergoing major surgery in August to repair her two broken back legs.

The Boxer/Terrier puppy was originally adopted from the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) as a baby in February but, unfortunately, was found as a stray months later with her two hind legs broken. After unsuccessful attempts to contact her adopter, the SAHS medical team was determined to give her a second chance.

Darla 1 web

Darla received two surgeries on the same day and has been healing for several months. According to SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Amanda Preczewski, Darla is not letting her injuries hold her back.

“Darla is definitely a special pup and is one of the happiest dogs I’ve met,” Dr. Preczewski said. “Her injuries were extensive, but you would never know it by looking at her. Her tail never stops wagging.”

Darla is working hard on her rehabilitation in the Leeu Naylor Medical Building, which is adjacent to the main shelter. Shortly after her surgery, she began to walk again with the help of a harness and mobile lift. Now, she’s getting stronger by doing underwater treadmill therapy and passive range of motion exercises. She’s improved so much and can finally go on short-leash walks!

Darla 3 rehab web

Throughout her long recovery, Darla has gotten plenty of “office time” in the afternoons with staff and volunteers. She loves lounging in a comfy bed and looking out the window.

“Even with ice bags on both sides of her hips in place after surgery, she would put her head in your lap and lick your hand affectionately – brave girl!” SAHS Volunteer Martha Lupo said.

Her first birthday was on Dec. 28, which was the perfect occasion to celebrate her healing progress. She was surprised with treats and a pink “paw-dicure.” SAHS Rehabilitation Technician Michael Johnson loves pampering Darla every step of the way.

“She is such a sweet, sweet girl. She deserves the world. She loves to play, and we try to stimulate her the best we can,” Johnson shared.

Darla has been cleared for adoption and hopes to find her new forever family that’s committed to helping her continue her healing process at home. She has a lot of puppy energy but also makes the best snuggle buddy when she's tired. She knows "sit" and "shake" and is highly treat-motivated.

“Darla is expected to make a full recovery,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. “The most difficult part has been keeping her crate restricted and calm as she is a young puppy who doesn't realize she isn't fully healed. She enjoys her leash walks the most.”

Darla would benefit from a loving and patient home where she can slowly return to normal activity. Due to her unique medical case, veterinarians are offering her adopter four underwater treadmill sessions (once a week and to be scheduled after adoption).

Interested adopters can stop by the SAHS lobby, located at 4804 Fredericksburg Rd., to visit Darla during special visiting hours between 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

December 2022 - Cheese - Adopted
Cheese, a handsome 2-year-old Retriever boy, was having trouble breathing when he arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) on Oct. 18. He had a hole beneath his lip, which was exposing his nasal cavity to his oral cavity. Because of his unique and noticeable smile, he was named Cheese.

Cheese w600

SAHS’s medical team believes his injury was caused by a traumatic incident to his nose. Thankfully, they were able to provide the specialized surgery he needed.

“The first attempt at repairing what has been decided as an old avulsion injury to his nose did not work, and he required a second surgery by a specialist,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. “He is approximately three weeks post-op and is doing well. He will likely always be a noisy breather due to previous trauma to his nose, but he is a happy guy who is ready to find a home.”

Cheese is now feeling much better and will always greet you with his beautiful smile. He’s gentle on the leash and loves to meet new friends – people and dogs. He’s ready to find his very own forever family who will love him and take him on fun adventures.

Cheese will need to be fed canned food only and avoid playing with hard toys for two more weeks, and then he can resume a normal diet and toy selection. He required a tracheostomy tube following the procedure to breathe for three days, and the site is also healing well.

August 2022 - Queen - Adopted
Meet our sweet girl Queen!
Queen 1
This magnificent lady is a 6-year-old German Shepherd looking for a special home to call her kingdom. When Queen was transferred to our shelter, she was having a hard time walking. She was obviously in pain and just wanted to be left alone to rest. Queen was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia - a common condition for her breed - as well as arthritis and spondylosis - a condition that affects the vertebrae and is typically painless. To help her live a more comfortable life, Queen received hip surgery and laser therapy, and has been working on her physical rehabilitation to gain strength.
Queen 2
Since her treatment started, he difference in her comfort level and behavior has been truly remarkable! Queen transformed from shy and uncomfortable to the most loving, goofy, and happy girl you'll ever meet. And now that she's feeling so much better, she is so excited to find a dedicated family to settle down with! Unfortunately, Queen's condition cannot be cured, but it can definitely be managed with continued physical rehabilitation and regular veterinary care to keep her feeling great. We know that with the proper care, Queen can live a totally happy and comfortable life full of love! Could you give this Queen the royal treatment she deserves? Come spend some time with her today if you're ready to be graced by her presence!

July 2022 - Lucca - Adopted
Congratulations, Lucca! This handsome almost 2-year-old Terrier mix boy just graduated from rehab at the SAHS! As you can see, he's obviously very proud of himself!

Lucca was transferred from ACS in April with an injured back leg. While in our care, he received surgery to correct a ruptured ligament in his knee (on his left hind leg) similar to an ACL in people. During his recovery, his body rejected the hardware left in his leg and received a second surgery to remove it. This special boy has undergone intense rehabilitation to regain full function of the limb. From short walks and stretches to cold laser and underwater treadmill therapy, Lucca did it all! He was amazing every step of the way (with the help of peanut butter, of course)!

Now that he has officially graduated from rehab, he's now ready to find his forever home! His new family should note that he is still in his final stages of healing and should be re-introduced to full activity at a slow rate. He will need to continue short leash walks and additional exercises to help him get stronger each day.

He has totally stolen our hearts, and we're sure he'll steal yours too! He’s a happy boy ready to be your new best friend. He's got the sweetest and most friendly personality.

July 2022 - Manu - Adopted
Who’s ready to have their heart stolen today? Meet the cutest boy, Manu! This 3-month-old kitten came in showing weakness on both of his back legs. His X-rays revealed he had severe bilateral hip dysplasia. He quickly started rehab in our medical building to strengthen those little back legs!

In just two weeks, Manu has shown great improvement! He’s now moving better and walking a little stronger every day! He’s completed balancing and stair exercises as well as underwater treadmill therapy! He’s now ready to find his purrrfect home! It’s impossible to resist his sweet face and curious personality! Cuddles are on his plans for the future, and he would love to do them with you!

June 2022 - Balto - Adopted
Just like the heroic sled dog he was named after, little Balto embarked on a lifesaving journey. With the help of his foster mom, Pam, the 5-month-old Hound puppy made the 7-hour trek from San Antonio to LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge Louisiana, where he received the heart surgery he needed to survive.

Balto and Pam w450

Balto first arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) in early April with a loud heart murmur. An echocardiogram revealed he had severe pulmonic stenosis, a condition that restricts blood flow from the heart to the rest of the body, causing his little heart to work overtime.

Through a coordinated effort between SAHS veterinarians, his foster mom, Pam, and LSU, the surgery was performed on May 31, and it was successful.

Balto Surgery w450

“The procedure to correct this condition is a balloon valvuloplasty, which requires specialized equipment usually only located at veterinary teaching hospitals,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. “LSU was incredible in working with us to help get Balto the care he needed.”

Group photo w450

It’s been almost two weeks since the surgery, and Balto is doing great – his heart is now stronger! This resilient boy is now ready for his next adventure – finding his forever family. He will now be able to live a full and happy life.

Balto’s story is another great example that fostering saves lives. His foster mom played a major role during his entire journey and recovery.

Balto 2 w450

“Pam is truly a rockstar. She not only fostered Balto prior to surgery but transported him to Baton Rouge, stayed multiple nights in town during the procedure, and then transported him back. She then cared for him post-operatively,” Dr. Hopes added. “I am forever grateful to Pam for being the real MVP in this case!”

As for Pam, she describes this foster experience as truly rewarding.

“I feel so fortunate to have been part of the team caring for Balto,” Pam shared. “It became even more special after I met the LSU team. They were all so caring and showed a special interest in Balto and his story.”

According to Pam, Balto was an amazing travel companion and was responsive to the training they were able to accomplish.

“Balto is a very sweet puppy. He loves to be petted and snuggled. He will be a great addition to a family looking for a sweet, loving puppy,” Pam concluded.

If you’d like to adopt Balto, he will be available for on June 11.

May 2022 - Ruby - Adopted

When five-month-old Terrier mix Ruby was brought to the San Antonio Humane Society as a stray in February, she was in pretty rough condition. Sarcoptic mange, ringworm, and tapeworms were among the few things this tiny girl needed medical care for. Because of her young age and medical needs, Ruby quickly became known as “everyone’s favorite baby girl” at the shelter.

ruby 1 w600

She was quickly placed in foster care where she got around-the-clock attention to become strong enough to come back to the shelter. But as she continued to grow, we found out that the bones in both of her front legs were too short, causing them to bow out. So Ruby received a specialized surgery where a cut was made in her bone, and fat from her armpit was placed in between the cut. This fat is full of stem cells that will actually turn into bone as she heals, elongating her arms to fix the bowing - we were amazed to see the results!

Ruby xrays w600

Nothing held Ruby back! She was still a happy, playful puppy through it all. She has been working on her rehabilitation and getting laser therapy, and after being in our care for almost four months, she will finally be ready to find her FURever home tomorrow, May 28. Ruby’s foster families say that she is the absolute sweetest girl who is full of energy and will be the light in your life. So if you’re looking for an adorable pup to join your family, meet Ruby tomorrow and bring her home!

ruby 2 w600

May 2022 - Everly - Adopted
Beautiful Everly (1 year old) was limping when she was found as a stray and brought to our care in early March. At our Leeu Naylor Medical Building, X-rays showed she had hip dysplasia and would require specialized surgery. The surgery went smoothly, but Everly had a long road to recovery.

Everly w480

Because she was used to not bearing weight on the left leg, she has been slow to gain her confidence back to use the limb. Our amazing staff and volunteers have been working with her daily to help her regain confidence and strength by doing short leash walks, cold laser therapy and various stretching exercises. After weeks of care, she’s finally ready to find her forever home!

April 2022 - Miley - Adopted

Now if those eyes don’t melt your heart, we don’t know what will!

Miley1 web

Sweet Miley is a beautiful 5-month-old Terrier puppy who’s now ready to find her forever family after recovering from a lifesaving heart surgery.

When she arrived at the SAHS, she was diagnosed with the heart condition patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), an opening between two major blood vessels outside of the heart that does not close properly after birth. If left untreated, it could lead to congestive heart failure.

Thankfully, SAHS veterinarians reached out to local specialists and found Dr. Kelly Might, a surgeon from Austin, who agreed to do the complex heart surgery at Firehouse Animal Health Center - Kyle, Texas.

“This surgery was literally life-saving for Miley,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. “Her PDA was so severe that she had already developed an enlarged left side of her heart. If she had not had this procedure, she would have developed left-sided heart failure before her first birthday.”

Miley2 web

We’re all so grateful to everyone who helped make this surgery possible, giving Miley her second chance at life.

Miley is now feeling better and has quickly become a favorite among staff and volunteers. She’s a little ball of energy with a loving and playful personality!

February 2022 - Bert - Adopted
What can we say about Mr. Bert! This 8-year-old senior has been with us since last November, and has found a spot in the heart of every person he meets.

Bert 1

Bert was previously an outdoor cat brought to us by his caretaker, and he had two badly healed jaw fractures from his time outside. The way his jaw healed made it difficult for Bert to eat, so it was determined that he would need surgery to give him the best quality of life. Bert has had a very long road to recovery, including multiple surgeries to fix his jaw as well as some tooth extractions. But he has been nothing but the sweetest boy the entire time he's been with us. He quickly became a favorite at the shelter, even enjoyed multiple outings in his "Bertmobile" cat stroller.

Bert 2

After three months of healing, he is finally ready to find his forever home! His favorite spot is in an office chair hanging out with our clinic staff and he loves being held, so he would definitely be a great companion to someone who works from home to give him all the attention and love he deserves. He has been described as the most loving stray ever, and now he's ready to be the most loving companion in his forever home.

Bert 3

Come meet Bert at the SAHS and bring home your new best friend today (cat stroller included!).

January 2022 - Adonis and Aphrodite - Adopted
When Adonis and Aphrodite were brought to us last December, they were hungry, weak and severely underweight.


The sweet 4-year-old American Pit Bull Terriers were transferred from City of San Antonio Animal Care Services weighing only 25 pounds - about 30 pounds less than a healthy dog their age and size should be - with their ribs, hips and spines protruding.

“Both were showing signs of extreme malnutrition and starvation, to the point where Adonis could barely sit up or walk,” SAHS Chief Veterinarian Dr. Kristine Hawkins said.

Despite most likely surviving a heartbreaking life of abuse and neglect, their tails were still wagging and showed affection to everyone who stepped in to help them. It is as if they knew they had received a second chance at life.

They were given a warm bath, cozy blankets and were started on a carefully scheduled refeeding plan to prevent their major organs from shutting down. The plan consisted of four small meals a day, as well as supplemental fluids and supportive acupuncture to help maintain their hydration and well-being.

“This couple has been pampered by the medical staff and volunteers during their stay, and their journey has been nothing short of miraculous,” Hawkins added. “They have gone from depressed and lethargic to bounding with energy!”

The twins have captured the hearts all around the shelter, bringing smiles to everyone as they now frolic through the halls and play yards. In the last two weeks, they made their biggest improvement yet and have filled out their coats and are even showing new colors.

“Both are extremely beloved, and we cannot wait for them to find the perfect home where they will never have to be hungry or want for anything again,” Hawkins concluded.

After six weeks of receiving around-the-clock care and endless love, Adonis and Aphrodite have made a triumphant recovery and have met their healthy weight goal. They are finally ready to find the loving home they always deserved.

November 2021 - Shiro - Adopted
Look at that sweet face! How can you not fall in love!?

Shiro web

Shiro is a sweet 1-year-old Terrier pup brought to us about two months ago suffering from severe hip dysplasia. Thankfully, our medical team was able to give him the veterinary care that he needed. He underwent not one but TWO surgeries to help him walk without pain, and he’s been the most adorable patient in our new medical building!

We are happy to say that Shiro is now ready to find his fur-ever home, where he can complete the rest of his recovery journey! He’s received laser therapy and is doing great completing his post-op rehabilitation exercises. He will need to continue short leash walks and additional exercises to help him heal stronger each day.

He’s the sweetest boy ready to give you all the love that you need. He’s super affectionate and playful. His smile will melt your heart.

October 2021 - Willy - Adopted
Meet Willy! He’s a sweet 8-month-old boy who came in with his right eye looking very small and opaque, a condition called Phthisis bulbi. Because his eye would never regain sight again and to prevent further infection, our medical team decided to remove his eye. Even throughout the ordeal of surgery, Willy remained affectionate and gentle. He loves to climb on you to give you kisses. We’re happy to say that Willy has recovered from his surgery.

Willy 2

September 2021 - Scout - Adopted
Just look at that sweet face! Scout is an adorable 4-month-old Miniature Smooth Haired Hound/Dachshund puppy, who’s now ready to find her FURever home after recovering from a serious head injury.

scout1 w550

She was brought in last week after someone found her hiding in a backyard all alone. We don’t really know what happened to her, but she had an open wound on top of her head, and we could tell that she was in a lot of pain. Once in our care, our medical team jumped into action to help her heal.

Her wound was treated with daily wet-to-dry bandages and laser therapy to draw out any infection and accelerate the healing process. She’s been the perfect, little patient and has recovered super fast. She’s now ready for adoption, and will be out in the puppy room sometime tomorrow Saturday (we have a full puppy room today)!

scout2 w550

Despite everything she’s been through, Scout's a happy and playful girl! She’s a little bundle of energy and ready to be a part of a loving family.

July 2021 - Jazzy - Adopted
Sweet, little Jazzy was having trouble breathing when she was brought to the San Antonio Humane Society on July 1.

SAHS Jazzy web

After further evaluation, our medical team found that the 3-month-old kitten had a diaphragmatic hernia, meaning a tear in her abdomen. Her X-rays revealed that all of her stomach contents were crowding her lungs and heart. It certainly explained why she was having such a hard time catching her breath – poor baby!

Jazzy before web

We believe she experienced some kind of significant trauma to cause that painful injury. Thankfully, her surgery was scheduled on July 9 with our traveling surgical partners to repair the damage. All organs were placed in their proper location and her diaphragm was successfully closed.

Jazzy after web

However, even as she was recovering from her surgery, she appeared to be in significant distress with her breathing once again. A postoperative X-ray revealed a pocket of air in her chest, pushing down on her lungs. Our surgical staff prepped her chest, and a chest tap was performed to remove the excess air. We were all relieved to see her breathing more normally, and by the next day, she was a vivacious kitten again!!

“Jazzy really is a miracle kitten surviving injury and complications and coming out on the other side – loud, affectionate, and always hungry!” said SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Traci Gilbert.

The beautiful kitten was sent to a loving foster home to continue her recovery in a warm and comfortable environment. She was placed under strict cage rest and in-cage socialization only. According to our medical team, she was fantastic!

Jazzy is now back at the shelter and ready to find her PURRfect family! She’s looking for someone who will spoil her with endless love and attention. She’s got a curious and adorable personality, and her “motor” never stops humming, whether she’s eating or not. It won’t take long for you to fall in love with her!

July 2021 - Phoenix - Adopted
Get your heart ready because we have a feeling you’ll be falling in love with Phoenix! This sweet 5-month-old Retriever mix came into our care with a burn injury that was already scabbing down his back. It’s hard for us to determine what really happened to him, but we suspect it was likely a burn from a hot water hose. With the help of our incredible medical team, Phoenix received the necessary treatment and care to help him feel safe and comfortable.

Phoenix 3

A thin layer of wound balm was applied over the entire wound twice a day and laser therapy was also performed twice a week to accelerate his healing and reduce his pain. He quickly became a staff favorite, especially when he was seen wearing his doggy goggles! Phoenix is now feeling much better, slowly perking up and letting us see the incredibly sweet and loving boy that he is.

Phoenix 1

He’s healing nicely and has come way out of his initial shell. He came in so scared and is now a big love bug who just wants constant attention! He loves to put his paws on your shoulders and gives you his AMAZING Phoenix smile! He loves his belly rubs and is now starting to get into toys! He’s also starting to become a dancer with our volunteers. He definitely enjoys showing off his sporty protective shirts that shield his burn areas. And treats?? Oh YEAH – he definitely likes those (highly therapeutic, he’ll tell ya!). It’s great to finally see a real smile on this lovable boy!


His story is a reminder for all families to PLEASE check the temperature of their water hose if they’re thinking of using it to cool or bathe their pups this summer. If the water hose is left under the Texas hot sun, the water will come out too hot! Again, that’s what we believe caused Phoenix’s burn.

After two weeks of treatment, we are excited to announce that Phoenix is now ready to find his new FURever home! You can’t tell us you’re not falling in love with this sweet boy already! He has the softest eyes and biggest heart. He loves gentle pets and treats! He’s looking for a place where he can grow up and feel safe and loved.

July 2021 - Dudley and Norbit - Both Adopted
Dudley, a 4-month-old Siberian Husky/Retriever mix, and Norbit, an almost 2-year-old Chihuahua, melt hearts everywhere they go.

They both were found separately roaming the streets all alone, injured and in desperate need of help. Luckily, they were taken to the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) in early June, and our medical team soon realized they had another thing in common – they were both suffering from a thigh bone fracture!

Norbit and Dudley web

After assessing their injuries, our medical team fortunately determined that both of their legs could be saved. The sweet pups underwent orthopedic surgeries in our Leeu Naylor Medical Building. Dudley’s fracture was repaired with a pin and cerclage wire while Norbit’s fracture was repaired with a pin and screws.

So far, they’ve been the most adorable patients. Our medical team describe Dudley as “wild but charming” and Norbit as “the sweetest little man.” Our awesome volunteers have been a great support as well by assisting with their daily physical rehabilitation such as slow leash walks and motion exercises to help accelerate their healing. Additionally, laser therapy has been used to reduce pain and swelling in their legs. They’ve also been super popular each time they do their underwater treadmill therapy – they make the cutest faces!

Now on week 5 of recovery, Dudley and Norbit are both finally ready to continue their road to healing in their very own FURever home. They each hope to find an active family that will help them get stronger every day.

As two young pups, they’ll definitely be very active after making a full recovery. They’ll thrive by following their recommended post-operative instructions, which includes no jumping, chasing a ball or playing with other dogs, and progressively longer, slow walks as their comfort levels permit. We estimate a full recovery at six months after surgery. Potential adopters will receive detailed instructions prior to each adoption.

“Dudley and Norbit have won the hearts of staff and the rehab team, and we will all be happy to see them find a forever home.” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said.

June 2021 - Denali - Adopted
Little 6-month-old Denali was found completely covered with sarcoptic mange and without fur before arriving at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) last month.

The young, neglected puppy was immediately quarantined, feeling extremely sad and itchy all over her tiny pink-skinned body. Our medical team quickly began treatment to get rid of the mange, which is caused by a mite infestation on the skin. They made sure to keep her warm and comfortable every step of the way.

“Denali was nearly bald and covered in scabs due to her mange upon intake,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. “She was provided a little sweater to keep her warm in her kennel and lots of cushy towels and blankets to snuggle.”

Denali before
Thanks to our new Leeu Naylor Medical Building, we are able to take in special medical cases like Denali. Our specialized dermatology ward allows us to keep pets with contagious diseases, like sarcoptic mange or ringworm, secluded until they fully recover and become ready for adoption.

Within the next four weeks, Denali received medicated baths and her fur started growing back, and the mange slowly left her body. She started gaining weight and playing like a normal puppy. Her once sad face now radiates with big, happy smiles. She’s so full of energy and loves life!

Thanks to our caring medical staff, Denali has made a full recovery.

Denali after
“She’s young, so like any puppy, she’ll be looking for a home that is looking to add an energetic, joyful, bouncy puppy as a long-term companion to their family,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Traci Gilbert added.

We are happy to report that after receiving much-needed medical care and lots of TLC, Denali made a full recovery and found her perfect FURever home in…CALIFORNIA!

IMG 2199

May 2021 - Carrey - Adopted
Carrey gets a second chance at life - If it’s true that cats have nine lives, then Carrey was already close to running out. This sweet 6-month-old kitten has been through a lot during his short life. Abandoned and forced to fend for himself without access to food, water, shelter, and medical care, matters were further complicated when he was injured, resulting in a fractured leg.
Carrey 1
Luckily for Carrey, a Good Samaritan found him and brought him to the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS). After assessing his injuries, our medical team fortunately determined that Carrey’s leg could be saved.

“The X-rays showed that the leg was broken pretty cleanly instead of being shattered, so Carrey was lucky because we were able to repair his fracture rather than choosing to amputate,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Traci Gilbert explained.

During a specialty orthopedic surgery, veterinarians repaired the broken limb using a bone plate and pin. Furthermore, laser therapy was utilized to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain, and to promote blood flow and quicker healing to the surgery site.

While Carrey’s surgery was a success, the recovery process for a rambunctious kitten was a bit difficult. For about eight weeks, he was sent to a loving foster home, where he was prevented from running and jumping like a kitten typically would. He was also on strict cage rest for his bone to properly set before he could go back to normal activities. However, during this time, his foster mom made sure he was spoiled with extra cuddles, playtime and treats.

Carrey2 web
Today, Carrey is back at the shelter completely healed and ready to find his PURR-fect home. He is very loving, sweet and playful. If you would like to adopt Carrey, you can visit him today!

May 2021 - Sky - Adopted
Do you have room in your heart for Sky? She is a gorgeous 2-year-old beauty full of personality! She is a happy girl, who just lo-o-o-o-ves people. She’s the ultimate proof that Pit Bull Terriers can be among the best-natured dogs one can imagine. She’s got that horizon-wide “pibbie” smile, alert amber eyes, and a soft silver-beige coat. Plus, she knows how to “sit.” She’s easy to walk and loves treats! Once you meet her, we just know you’ll fall in love.


Sky recently had a couple of tumors removed and is now doing great and healing. Potential adopters should be aware that there is a very small chance a tumor could regrow. She is also Heartworm positive, but don’t let this discourage you from adopting this sweet girl as she can continue her treatment in her new home. She’s ready to be your most loving and loyal companion. Our adoption team will go over all her medical details prior to adoption.

Sky hopes to find her FURever family soon. This special girl loves to explore and play with tennis balls all day long. If you welcome her into your family, she’ll also be your lifelong cuddle buddy! Visit her today!

May 2021 - Selena - Adopted
A huge thank you to Fire Department Station 51 for stopping busy traffic on Wurzbach and I10 to rescue a baby kitten! The firefighters noticed she had dodged two cars and were able to pick her up safely and bring her to the San Antonio Humane Society! They named her Selena. Selena got sarcoptic mange, and will be treated in our medical facility before going to a foster home until she's ready for her forever home.

Selena 1

April 2021 - Shelby - Adopted
If you look at Shelby’s smile today, you would never know everything she went through to get a second chance. The sweet 1-year-old Shepherd mix girl was brought to the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) on March 22 in very bad shape.

A Good Samaritan first saw her caught in a coyote trap, but she ran away before he could help. He saw her again three days later, but by this time, she had gnawed off her leg in order to free herself from the trap. Her entire body was also covered in lacerations, including a few deep cuts in her armpit and inside her ears, from a possible altercation with either another dog or coyote. Her legs were swollen and her wounds were becoming infected. She was extremely shy and nervous and any movement caused to cry out in pain.

The SAHS medical team sprang into action and performed multiple surgical procedures to ensure she could live a full life.

“We were able to treat Shelby immediately,” SAHS Chief Veterinarian Dr. Kristine Hawkins said. “The first and most dramatic was an amputation to her rear leg that had been trapped in the coyote trap. The new equipment in the Leeu Naylor Medical Building allowed us to sedate her and perform full body radiographs.”

Shelby web

The X-rays ruled out any other fractures, and laser therapy was used to accelerate healing and provide pain relief. After a couple of weeks of nourishment and lots of TLC, Shelby proved to be a true survivor!

“Eventually, she warmed up enough to give us a tail wag and kisses,” Dr. Hawkins added. “Just this past weekend, we convinced her to venture outside. Now, she is absolutely thriving. She loves to run around outside and play!”

This sweet girl continues to heal in our new medical building, where she is doing physical rehabilitation exercises daily. She is on the mend and hopes to find her forever home soon.

“Shelby would love a home with a doggy playmate – someone her size or smaller who wouldn’t be rough on her. She seems to be very loving and generous with kisses and is eager to receive tons of belly rubs. She would love a family who appreciates all that she has been through,” Dr. Hawkins concluded.

January 2021 - Barry
Meet Barry! When this sweet 3-year-old Retriever boy arrived at the SAHS, we instantly noticed he had a painful neck injury caused from an embedded collar.

Thanks to the generous support from our donors, we were able to treat Barry and give him the love and care he desperately needed. Our amazing clinic team is using medical-grade honey to treat his wound and changing his neck bandages every day.

Barry w600

“He’s a super sweet boy, just so grateful and loving,” SAHS Chief Veterinarian Dr. Kristine Hawkins said.

As part of his treatment, Barry is also receiving cold laser therapy around his neck to accelerate his healing and looks adorable in his doggy goggles! He has stolen the hearts of our entire staff and will steal yours too!

He is still undergoing treatment and getting some extra TLC, but he will be available for adoption soon – so stay tuned

December 2020 - Tammi - Adopted
Tammi, a sweet 9-month-old Retriever, arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) on November 2 in desperate need of help. Upon examination, SAHS veterinarians believed Tammi was hit by a car and was shot with a shotgun. Her X-rays revealed more than 70 shotgun pellets in her body.

Tammi web

The sweet pup underwent a specialized surgical procedure in our new Leeu Naylor Medical Building to repair her pelvis fracture and restore her mobility. Following her surgery, Tammi was sent to a loving foster home to recover.


After a month of rest and much-needed love and care, Tammi is now stronger and ready to find her forever home. She will still need some rehab to strengthen her leg muscles, which include short leash walks and stretches.

“Tammi needs a fun-loving and caring home,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Traci Gilbert said. “Considering everything she went through, she is such a sweet girl. She is young and a bit shy, but I am sure she would love an active family once she gets her strength back.”

When we saw Tammi, we were instantly drawn to her and after spending time with her, we knew she was the dog we wanted. She’s been so great. She’s adjusted so well. She was shy at the shelter, but as soon as she walked through our doors, she was different. She was really excited, and I think she’s enjoying us as much as we’ve needed her. We’re really glad to have her.
-Tammi's new mom

December 2020 - Clementine - Adopted
Clementine was found in the middle of a parking lot with an open wound on her side, and brought to the SAHS. It was presumed that she may have been attacked by another animal. Her wound required daily bandage changes (twice daily initially), and a lot of TLC from her foster mom. Clementine has recovered and this sweet girl is ready for her forever family. She is an enormous bundle of energy that would do best in a home where she has a friend to release that energy with (i.e. a young, playful feline or a small dog).

Clementine w500

October 2020 - Elle - Adopted
A sweet 2-month-old kitten without eyes hopes to find her purr-fect family soon!

Elle2 web

Elle the kitten arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) last month with severe eye infections. Her left eye was even more noticeable as it was enlarged and painful. SAHS veterinarians made the decision to remove both of her eyes to alleviate her pain and prevent further infections.

Following her surgeries, Elle’s founder agreed to foster her during her healing process. As she started to feel better, Elle started to explore her new surroundings.

“Elle has been fearless, becoming more energetic and confident after her surgeries,” her foster mom said. “She likes being close to you, loves to cuddle, and purrs so loudly! When she is up, she loves to play and wrestle with anyone, no matter how big, and then will cuddle up afterwards.”

With the help of her whiskers, Elle learned to navigate the home in just a few days.

“She adapted pretty quickly and was able to jump up and down from our couch and bed,” her foster mom added. “She still ran into things when she got excited playing and running but was able to get around our house relatively efficiently when she was walking. I have no doubt that she will be fully functional and mobile once she learns the layout of her forever home.”

Elle is now back at our shelter and ready to find her fur-ever family. She is well mannered, loves being near humans, and gets along with other pets. As a visually impaired kitten, she will need special care when she is introduced to her new home to help reduce her risk of falling down stairs or off high counters. However, once she fully adapts, she can continue to live a full and happy life as an indoor cat.

“Because she has lived with limited vision for a while and is young, she should adapt well to life without sight and will use her other senses to navigate,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. “From day one, Elle has been a happy kitten who loves people, and her loss of vision has not affected her happy little spirit.”


October 2020 - Gunner - Adopted
An adorable 2-month-old kitten arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) on Sept. 23 in urgent need of love and extra care.

He was found abandoned behind a car dealership with his ears and tail missing. It appears that someone purposely cut them off before he was rescued and taken to the SAHS.

SAHS veterinarians and staff were determined to make him feel safe and loved again. They named him Gunner and gave him the special care he desperately needed. They gently cleaned his ears, shaved and cleaned his tail, and applied a special cream to help treat his wounds. He also received pain medication and laser therapy on his ears and tail to help stimulate the healing process.

Following his treatment, Gunner was sent to a loving foster family to continue his recovery and slowly began to trust people again. Generous SAHS supporters also donated special litter that Gunner needed while his wounds healed.

After several weeks of love and cuddles, this sweet boy is doing much better and is now ready to find his “purr-fect” home.

“He does the cutest little meows, and once he trusts you, loves to be petted and receive kisses,” his foster mom said. “He would make the perfect addition to any loving family.”

October 2020 - Ella - Adopted
Ella arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society on Sept. 23 with a suspected broken jaw. However, upon evaluation, it was determined that Ella had severe mandibular brachygnathism, a condition where the bottom jaw is shorter than normal.

Although she was not showing it, the sweet 6-month-old Retriever was in pain. Because of her shortened lower jaw, her bite was off and her bottom canines were causing trauma to the roof of her mouth. If not corrected, her condition could worsen and result in bone loss, tooth loss and oronasal fistulas, which is an abnormal hole connecting the mouth and nose.

Ella web2

SAHS veterinarians determined that Ella required a specialized surgery to correct her painful condition. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Ella was able to travel to see the nearest veterinary dental specialist, Dr. Tiffany Menke, at Austin Veterinary Emergency Services on Oct. 13 for her procedure.

A crown amputation removed the sharp tips of the bottom canine teeth, resulting in a shorter and blunter tooth that will not have contact with the roof of her mouth. The tooth then required a vital pulpotomy, which is a filling that allows the tooth to remain alive and healthy. Two back molars were also extracted to allow her remaining teeth to erupt and have space.

Ella web3

Ella’s procedure was successful, and she has been a perfect patient throughout this entire treatment.

“She rode so well in the car and was such a lovely houseguest following her surgery,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. “Her tail has not stopped wagging; she will make her future adopters very happy.”

Her recovery process will include a short course of antibiotics and pain medications, soft food for several weeks, and of course, plenty of cuddles. She will also require future checkups and yearly dental cleanings due to her shortened jaw.

“It's been a great experience to provide a specialized procedure for a young puppy that will change her life and remove a lot of pain from her daily activities. This definitely would not have been possible without the incredible support of our generous donors,” Dr. Hopes concluded.

Ella web1

Ella is now recovering back at shelter and is ready to find her FURever home! She is nearly 100 percent potty-trained, sleeps well through the night and absolutely loves other dogs.

If you are interested in making Ella a part of your family, submit an online adoption application at today!



On August 10, 2012, we had to say goodbye to an incredible man and member of the San Antonio Humane Society family, Mr. Bill Michaels. Aside from being a dedicated Bill Michaels supporter, Bill exemplified the leadership, vision, and passion that were needed to help us make invaluable strides in our mission. It is because of him that the Bill and Helen Michaels Medical Rescue Fund was founded and stands today as a living legacy to their passion for the medical rescue of sick and injured dogs and cats. One thing Bill was never short on was his confidence in our facility and staff, something that still inspires us daily. As an organization, each day we strive to live our mission with passion the way Bill did, and hope that our continued strides to ensure every dog and cat has a permanent, loving home will be a testament to his good-will, dedication and stewardship to all those animals who seek shelter and care here at the San Antonio Humane Society. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and many friends, and please know that both Bill and Helen Michaels will always have a place in our hearts.