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When looking for your new forever companion, there are a lot of factors to be considered. While most people are usually drawn to a dog based on their cuteness factor, a dog’s personality is what should really determine whether or not they are the perfect dog for you. Here are two dogs with different personalities that were guests in the shelter. They are equally cute and about the same size, but they could not be more different from each other.

Maximus Maximus
Maximus – Adopted

Maximus is 9 months old and full of energy. In his cage he may just look excited to see you, but as soon as he gets into an open space he’ll take off running. Because of his leaping and bounding nature, he has already earned the nickname “the energizer bunny”. There is no doubt that Maximus was born to be part of a large and active family. He will be the perfect dog to grow up with active kids who will never get tired of playing fetch or running around the yard with him.

Gardenia Gardenia's new family
Gardenia – Adopted!

On the other hand, Gardenia is 5 year old and loves nothing more than to sit by your side and be petted. She is truly in her element when she is cuddling close to you. She is also very mellow would do a great job walking slowly on a leash or leisurely walking around the house with you. Gardenia is a low maintenance, middle-aged girl that would make the perfect companion for an older, less active couple.

Though Maximus and Gardenia are very similar in size and cuteness, they are polar opposites. So how will you know which dog is right for you? Our helpful staff spends lots of time with all of our animals and is ready to help find the perfect fit for you, whether it’s a Maximus, a Gardenia, or a dog somewhere in between. Stop by the San Antonio Humane Society today and spend some time with our animals to make sure you’re taking home the perfect forever companion for you. We look forward to introducing you to your new best friend!

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