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Sweet, little Jazzy was having trouble breathing when she was brought to the San Antonio Humane Society on July 1.

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After further evaluation, our medical team found that the 3-month-old kitten had a diaphragmatic hernia, meaning a tear in her abdomen. Her X-rays revealed that all of her stomach contents were crowding her lungs and heart. It certainly explained why she was having such a hard time catching her breath – poor baby!

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We believe she experienced some kind of significant trauma to cause that painful injury. Thankfully, her surgery was scheduled on July 9 with our traveling surgical partners to repair the damage. All organs were placed in their proper location and her diaphragm was successfully closed.

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However, even as she was recovering from her surgery, she appeared to be in significant distress with her breathing once again. A postoperative X-ray revealed a pocket of air in her chest, pushing down on her lungs. Our surgical staff prepped her chest, and a chest tap was performed to remove the excess air. We were all relieved to see her breathing more normally, and by the next day, she was a vivacious kitten again!!

“Jazzy really is a miracle kitten surviving injury and complications and coming out on the other side – loud, affectionate, and always hungry!” said SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Traci Gilbert.

The beautiful kitten was sent to a loving foster home to continue her recovery in a warm and comfortable environment. She was placed under strict cage rest and in-cage socialization only. According to our medical team, she was fantastic!

Jazzy is now back at the shelter and ready to find her PURRfect family! She’s looking for someone who will spoil her with endless love and attention. She’s got a curious and adorable personality, and her “motor” never stops humming, whether she’s eating or not. It won’t take long for you to fall in love with her!

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