The San Antonio Humane Society have two locations. Click each title to view job description and qualifications.

San Antonio Humane Society - 4804 Fredericksburg Rd.
Assistant Clinic Supervisor (FT)
Associate Veterinarian (FT)
Clinic Technician (FT)
Accountant (FT)
Custodial Technician (PT)
Front Desk/Receptionist (FT)
Front Desk/Receptionist (PT)
Surgery Veterinarian Technician (FT)
Kennel Technician (PT)
Adoption Counselor (FT)

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Thank you for your interest in a position with the San Antonio Humane Society. To be considered you must fill out an online application. Resumes can accompany an application, but not required unless requested.

Contacting the reporting supervisor will not increase your chances of an interview. Please follow the directions. Only those whose skills and experience meet the minimum qualifications will be considered for an interview. The minimum age requirement for employment at the SAHS is 18. You will only receive a call if you are considered for the position. No phone calls, please.

Online job application


Are you looking to gain experience working in a non-profit? The San Antonio Humane Society is occasionally offering unpaid internships in multiple departments. These internships will help you acquire new skills in your field of interest, give you valuable work experience in a 501c non-profit organization, and have you working to help find homes for our San Antonio dogs and cats. To be an intern at the SAHS, it's required that you are also a volunteer with us. 

PR Intern (PT)

Veterinary Training/Internship

Veterinary Students
UPDATE: We are FULLY booked until May of 2024.

SAHS is one of 181 NSNRT Certified locations trained by ASPCA in the US. We are happy to host veterinary students in their clinical rotations at an accredited veterinary school. We recommend externship lengths of at least 3 - 6 weeks, with 2 weeks being the minimum time recommended for a good quality experience. Students actively participate in high quality/high volume spay and neuter surgeries supervised by our shelter veterinarians, who will teach you techniques in HQHVSN. Shelter medicine will also be taught “hands on” as an integral part of the externship in our brand new medical building.

To be considered for an externship, please email proof of enrollment, student liability insurance, and why you desire an externship with the San Antonio Humane Society to our Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Kristine Hawkins at maintain the highest quality externship experience, we will only accept one extern at a time.

Veterinary Technician Students
Contact the San Antonio Humane Society Medical Director, Natasha Hernandez, at for more information.

Read more about this program.

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