Volunteer Program

San Antonio Humane Society Volunteer Mission Statement

To aid the SAHS in their mission to improve the lives of dogs and cats by donating time and talents to care for the pets, support staff in their daily activities, and assist in Connecting Friends for Life.

Volunteer Programs

General Volunteer
For individuals planning to volunteer on a regular basis
- Required to volunteer a minimum of 1 day per month

Community Service
For individuals needing to complete no more than 40 hours of service for school, work, church, etc. but do not wish to become general volunteers.

Court-Ordered Community Service
Must be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator and will have no animal interaction.
- No felonies or criminal acts involving violence, theft, child or animal abuse/cruelty, weapons, sex crimes, trespassing, or resisting arrest charges.
Please contact the volunteer coordinator prior to payment if you are unsure that your charges will be accepted. No refunds will be given.

Vocational Training
For assisted living centers and schools wishing to provide on-the-job training to teens and young adults with special needs.

Volunteer for a Day
For groups of 10-15 wishing to volunteer together for work, school, church, etc.

Age Restrictions & Fees

General Volunteer & Vocational Training Programs
Adult Volunteers - $30
   - 18 or older
- Youth Volunteers - $25
   - 16-17 years of age
- Junior Volunteer Team - $50
   - Junior volunteers (12-15 years of age) must be accompanied by their adult team member at all times. Please fill out an application for both adult and junior volunteer when signing up.
   - One volunteer application per team member NOT one application per team
   - $20 for one additional Junior Volunteer
- Active Duty Military and their immediate family - $20

Community Service & Court-Ordered Community Service Programs
- Must be at least 12 years of age
- Junior Volunteers are still required to be part of a Junior Volunteer Team

Volunteer for a Day Program
$15 per person
- Groups should consist of at least 5, but no more than 20 people
- Please contact if you are planning to bring anyone under the age of 18.

**Please note, all volunteers 18 years of age or older must complete a background check for $15 paid directly to Verified Volunteer.  This fee is not included in the volunteer program fees listed above. **

Want to become a volunteer? Here’s how!

Watch the video at the top of the page.
Be sure to pay attention!
- You can also watch the video here.

Fill out an application
General Volunteer Application
- Community Service/Court Ordered Application
- Volunteer for a Day Application (being updated - check back soon)