El Rey Fido XIII & the Royal Court 2015

2015 El Rey Fido XIII, Ruby
Owner: Dina Cole

Ruby is a 10 year old Terrier mix who was adopted from Animal Care Services by a nice man by the name of Tommy Kinder.  She quickly became his constant companion for 2 years until he passed away of ALS (Lou Gehring’s disease).  Ruby was then adopted by Tommy’s sister, Dina Cole, and has lived with her for 8 wonderful years.  She likes to go on daily walks, take in the sights, cuddle, and read books.She represents how far San Antonio has come in its goal to become a “no kill” city. Ruby raised $30,500 and is so thrilled to represent rescue dogs that have been given a second and even third chance in life, as the San Antonio Humane Society’s El Rey Fido XIII!

El Rey Fido XIII Ruby

Princess of the Perpetual Food Bowl, Ethel
Owner: Max Golman

Ethel Golman was rescued from the streets of San Antonio in 2005.  At first Ethel was the “house dog” of the newly opened Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa, until her daddy, Max Golman adopted her.Ethel and Lucy, the name sake of Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa, had an immediate bond!  Besides playing with each other, one of their favorite pastimes was snuggling up to one another. Ethel’s big sister Lucy worked tirelessly raising money for pets in need and proudly represented the San Antonio Humane Society as the 2011 El Rey Fido. When Lucy passed in October 2014, it was important to Ethel to continue Lucy’s legacy!  Ethel raised $20,800 for the SAHS pets and is proud to represent the SAHS in this year’s Royal Court as the Princess of the Perpetual Food Bowl!


Duke of the In-Destructible Chew Toy, Bellin
Owner:  Kassia Kubena & Steve Fontenot

Bellin, a 7 year old Husky, was seized from his home in 2011 after being subjected to years of abuse. Bellin came into rescue physically battered and psychologically crushed. The prospect of having a normal life seemed very bleak, but with lots of love, Bellin would make a most amazing turnaround. He is unrecognizable from what he was in the beginning.With that love and kindness, Bellin bloomed and learned that people can be kind and enjoyed coming to work with us at Kubena Pediatrics, where he showed an affinity to the sick and injured children.  Working with the Therapy Animals of San Antonio, Bellin achieved his national therapy registration with Pet Partners in Feb 2013.  He now spends his time bringing love and comfort to the children at Methodist Hospital and the Children’s Shelter.  Bellin raised $20,709.70 for the SAHS and is honored to be the Duke of the In-Destructible Chew Toy.


Duchess of the Ever-Present Fire Hydrant, Arleigh
Owner: Heather Green

Arleigh Bark is an 8 year old Schnauzer mix and a proud alumna of the San Antonio Humane Society, Class of ’08. While not formally educated, her special talents include vocals (she likes to ‘sing’ for attention), sitting pretty and rolling over.  She loves car rides, and even knows how to make the window go down on her own so she can stick her head out and enjoy the breeze.  She spends her free time hanging out with her canine sister, Sammie, a Whippet mix, and ignoring her pretentious feline sister, Payton. This is her first time participating in Fiesta and Arleigh is proud to be the Duchess of the Ever-Present Fire Hydrant.  She raised $4,814 and received support for her campaign from donors as far away as Wisconsin, West Virginia, Florida and even Belgium and Sweden.Arleigh would like to thank her adoptive mom, Heather Green, for serving as her fundraising campaign manager.  Heather works for UTSA and her dad Ron is a Chef/Owner of a new food truck.


Knight of the Royal Court, Dakota
Owner: Leroy Alloway
Dakota, a 5 year old Akita and Labrador Retriever mix, started his life as a stray on the streets of San Antonio. He and his sister were found in a parking lot covered in mange, starving, and needing forever homes in February 2010. He was adopted in July 2010 and quickly became a thriving example of how a caring home can help give a scared animal a new life.Over the last five years he has logged countless miles being driven around to visit friends, family, and his own special girlfriend, Georgia, a three year old American Bulldog who is also a rescue animal. Whether he’s spending time with Georgia, being pampered by his human, or simply relaxing on the couch watching anything but news shows, Dakota is proof that no matter how you start off in life, once you find where you are meant to be, you know you are home. Dakota raised $4,419.77 and looks forward to helping bring attention to the issues and challenges facing fellow rescue dogs.  He is very excited to work with the San Antonio Humane Society to ensure every animal is able to find their forever home.


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