UPDATE: Bella found her new family!

Bella excels in all she sets out to do! Whether it’s mastering the art of fetch, earning her treats during training exercises, or bubble popping, Bella is one smart cookie. What’s she working on currently? An unfortunate trait she likely picked up from a history of being abandoned: separation anxiety. Never heard of it? Separation anxiety isn’t just your run-of-the-mill nervousness-dogs that suffer from separation anxiety can cause some serious damage to homes and themselves when left alone (e.g. chewing/scratching furniture or crates). Luckily, Bella has been in our care for months now and she has worked daily with our dog trainer and dog training volunteers to lessen the effects of her anxieties. Currently, Bella enjoys sitting for treats, exercising on her doggie treadmill, popping peanut butter flavored bubbles, and chasing her toys up and down the yard.

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Adopters seriously interested in Bella should speak with our Dog Trainer, Jenna, about how they can help her succeed! Adopters will be offered full training support so that we can help a smooth transition from shelter to new home. We are looking for a companion that either works from home or can guarantee that Bella will not be left alone at home for extended periods of time. Although she is also actively working on her reactivity with other dogs, we believe Bella would do well in a home without other pets (especially small animals). She does well with children and anyone willing to toss her toys around! Please consider making Bella a part of your family today.

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