Oldies, but Goodies!

Our senior pets hold special places in our hearts because they are some of the sweetest and most loyal animals around the shelter. They might be a few years older, but with age also comes wisdom, experience, and patience. Because they’ve been around a while, they’ve learned how to behave in nearly every family situation and will make great pets for single families, families with children, older couples, and everyone few and far between. Come check out our oldies; they are ready and waiting to settle into their new forever homes and live out their lives being wonderful companions.

Thought about adopting an older pet? Please give us a chance!

Patton - Adopted
Kisses - Adopted
Uncle-Sam - Adopted
 Uncle Sam
Laila - Adopted Laila
Leela - Adopted  Leela
Merlin - Adopted
Mr.Smiles - Adopted  Mr.Smiles
Salem, available for adoption.
Sassy - Adopoted
 Sir-Arthur - Adopted Sir Arthur 
 Sissy - Adopted  Sissy
 Snickers, available for adoption.
 Sophie, available for adoption.  Sophie
 Tabitha - Adopted