Where are they now?

Thousands of dogs and cats are adopted from our shelter every year and we always wonder what they are up to in their new homes and with their families. Many people write us success stories and keep in touch through social media, but sometimes we’ve just have to find out for ourselves, where are they now?

Emily and Ollie
Emily & Ollie

Elaine and Xochitl
Elaine & Xochitl

Michael and Ernest
Michael & Ernest

Grover and Jennifer & Alex
Grover, Jennifer & Alex

Bradley, Brandon and Nina
Bradley, Brandon & Nina

Delilah & Lora

Delilah adopted in January 2014, where are they now in September 2014
Delilah and Lora

Delilah was transferred to the San Antonio Humane Society from Animal Care Services last November (2013). This beautiful Retriever mix entered the shelter with many open wounds and appeared to have sustained some trauma to her right abdomen, right hind limb, right forelimb, and forehead. After receiving treatment for her wounds at the SAHS, Delilah was as good as new! During her time at the shelter, many members of the SAHS fell in love with this canine cutie. We were curious to see how Delilah has been doing since being adopted. So we contacted her loving owner, Lora, to see how Delilah has adjusted to life in her forever home!

We are so happy to hear that Delilah has been nothing but happy since being adopted. Delilah’s past struggles are far behind her and this sweet girl is doing very well with her new family. Lora was excited to let us know that “Delilah is affectionate and sweet, and she loves us as much as we love her! She gets along well with our new kitten, and sleeps with me at night. Delilah’s wounds have healed completely, and she has a complete range of motion, enjoying walks on a leash, and running and jumping freely in the yard. Delilah is a delight in every way except for when she digs in the garden! From the moment we saw Delilah’s face on your web-page, my child knew intuitively that she was the right dog for our family, and that instinct was absolutely correct! We couldn’t be more pleased with her and we enjoy her cuddly company every day.”

We loved hearing Delilah described as the “perfect match” for Lora’s family! Thank you so much for sharing Delilah’s story with us!


Bradley adopted October 31, 2013, where are they now in February 2014?

Some of you may remember Bradley, a sweet 4 year old Labrador Retriever mix who was transferred to the San Antonio Humane Society from Animal Care Services in October of last year with an injured right back leg, tail, and muzzle. After the amputation of his leg and most of his tail and a few stitches on his lip, Bradley bounced back and impacted all of the SAHS staff and volunteers he met.

We were so excited when it was time for him to become available for adoption and we were even more thrilled that one of his rescuers, Brandon, was interested in adopting Bradley. After coming to the SAHS to introduce their beautiful Pit Bull Lola to Bradley, Brandon and Nina knew that their lives were about to change. Now the once abandoned and injured pup is living in a great home with an awesome family, that we contacted recently, to see where they are now.

We are delighted to hear that Bradley is loving life!  He has definitely adjusted well and can be pretty mischievous at times. His big sister Lola adores him and they often wrestle and chase each other while everyone watches in amazement.  Not to our surprise, Bradley is always the one who starts this gentle playtime with Lola. He has brought so much joy to his family and absolutely loves going out for a nice walk and afterwards, he likes to lounge on his favorite spot in front of the fireplace.

We are so happy to see that Bradley is doing well!


Grover Adopted May 2012, where are they now in September 2012?
GroverGrover was one of those kittens that we couldn’t keep our eyes off of from the moment he entered the shelter. With his paws pure white like little boots and a larger-than-life personality to match his stunning coat, Grover was the total kitten package. Even though he was found as a stray and just barely met the weight and age limit to be put up for adoption, Grover acted as if age and weight were just numbers (an idea that many of us humans would appreciate in a companion) and that despite his prior life as a stray, then and there he was the long-standing king of the kitty cottage. Wondering if he’s ruling his new kingdom? So are we! We caught up with adopters Jennifer and Alex to see, where are they now?

We were so pleased to hear from Jennifer and Alex that Grover is still the fun-loving, highly entertaining cat he has always been. One of our favorite stories Jennifer shared was that Grover has grown into quite the water-loving cat! Jennifer fondly recalled, “If Alex is shaving, he (Grover) HAS to be in the sink! Grover will stick his whole head under the faucet and splash the water that pools around him like a kid puddle jumping! Then he’ll just lie down under the stream and drink it till he’s full- it’s really adorable!!  He’s even started jumping up on the bathtub ledge, sometimes jumping in if you’re taking a shower — I’ve NEVER seen a cat like water so much! If he doesn’t get in, he likes to play tag through the shower curtain while you’re in it. Hysterical!!!”


Adding to his stunning appearance, Grover has also been graced with a set of very prominent ears. Jennifer and Alex had to take a double take at the cover of a magazine featuring a Savannah cat because they looked so similar in appearance! He also channels the abilities of a Savannah cat every time he jumps, plays, or fetches. He’s been known to leap great distances into the air and is the keeper of a whole arsenal of toys with which he plays with to keep his kitty senses sharp.

Looking back on the last few months with Grover, Jennifer remarked, “We are thankful every day for our two babies, and truly wouldn’t have it any other way… All in all we couldn’t imagine life here without Grover! He keeps us on our toes and loving every second!!!”

Here at the San Antonio Humane Society we LOVE hearing about happy beginnings, endings, and all of the journeys in between! Thank you so much for catching up with us Jennifer and Alex!

Ernest (aka Christian) Adopted November 2011, Where are they now in May 2012?
Michael and Ernest

We have been following Ernest and Hemingway for quite some time here at the San Antonio Humane Society. It all began when Ernest was just a kitten; he was found in a parking lot with puncture marks on his belly and back and an injury to his leg that was beyond repair. Selflessly, Dr. Michael Palladino stepped forward and offered not only to pay for Ernest’sErnest and Hemingway medical bills, but also adopt him on the condition that he got along with Dr. Palladino’s very friendly Yellow Labrador, Hemingway. While most people may think a three-legged cat and a 90 pound dog may have nothing in common, they would be wrong in the case of Ernest and Hemingway who share a lot more than just love for their owner and each other. So where are they now? We couldn’t have been happier to hear about the escapades going on in the lives of Ernest and Hemingway when we received this update from Dr. Palladino, not to mention the priceless photo to match!

“Ernest has been part of my family since the middle of November, 2011. He has grown into a very handsome young cat and he has adopted Hemingway as his best friend. They love to chase one another around my apartment with Ernest taking refuge behind the couch or under the bed. This completely frustrates Hemingway as he is too big to navigate Ernest’s hiding places. However, they both enjoy this game especially in the evenings when I’m home. They are also very affectionate toward  one another as Hemingway enjoys licking Ernest’s face and Ernest enjoys snuggling with Hemingway’s head ( when Hemi is lying down).

As sweet as Ernest is, he can be feisty at times and is very adept at using his front paws. I have been the recipient of his martial arts techniques on multiple occasions with the scratch marks to prove it. As you can see, Ernest is an inspiration to all as he functions to the fullest regardless of his disability. He is my “wounded warrior”. Hemingway is my gentle giant as he is the sweetest and greatest companion for Ernest and myself. Together they are a dynamic duo regardless of their diversity.

I am so thankful to have been adopted by these two beautiful and loving creatures that only know unconditional love. And thanks to the San Antonio Humane Society for introducing me to ‘Ernest.’”

Ernest and Hemingway

Xochitl (aka Bella) Adopted 7/28/210, Where are they now in March 2012?
Elaine and Xochitl

After Elaine Gordon unexpectedly lost her beloved dog Timmy, she thought she could never own another dog again.  With some encouragement from her daughter Renee, Elaine returned to the San Antonio Humane Society, from where she adopted Timmy, to have a look at the available pets. As mother and daughter strolled through the puppy room, Renee spotted a dog in the hands of an SAHS employee. Her name was Bella; her teeth were missing and tongue was hanging out, but Renee looked at her mother and said, “Mom, she is the perfect little dog for you.”

Unable to deny how cute this senior pooch was, Elaine spent a little time socializing with the dog. Though she enjoyed Bella’s company, Elaine decided she just wasn’t ready for another canine companion. And so they left with the intention of never seeing Bella again. But later that night, Elaine looked at her daughter and said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about that little dog…” The next day Elaine and Renee were back at the shelter ready to adopt Bella.

3 years later, Bella, renamed Xochitl, is known as the dog who has the best life. This past January, Xochitl turned 13 and will be helping Elaine celebrate her 90th birthday this summer. As both of these fabulous ladies move forward in their lives, it’s clear that they were meant for each other.

“Xochitl is exactly what my mother needs,” Renee said. “My mother just absolutely adores her, and Xochitl loves her right back. Xochitl is the reason my mother gets up in the morning and for that alone there is no way I could ever thank this dog for what she has done for my mother and for me.”

Just as they have loved Xochitl and given her everything and more, Xochitl has returned the favor 10-fold, keeping this family smiling through all the ups and downs. “As much as I love and care for my mother, so does Xochitl,” Renee said. 3 year ago, Elaine and Renee may have thought that they were saving Xochitl, but little did they know that Xochitl would save them right back.

Ollie (aka Alli) Adopted 6/17/10, Where are they now in February 2012?
Emily and Ollie

Many people come to our shelter looking to spend a day in the company of our wonderful animals, but sometimes they unexpectedly fall in love with a fuzzy face they can’t forget. Emily, in support of a friend looking to adopt, came along to visit our shelter and check out the cute puppies up for adoption. But it wasn’t a puppy that caught Emily’s eye while she was here, it was a 3-legged dog named Alli. All it took was one glance and Emily knew that she Alli was her dog; except there was one problem, she was leaving the country. Broken hearted, Emily left the shelter feeling as though she had left her best friend behind.

After returning home, again she accompanied a friend in search of a new companion without the intention of adopting herself. “Even though I knew Alli wouldn’t be there, I still looked in every kennel just to be sure,” Emily said. “I walked up and down and peaked in each window, but Alli wasn’t there. And then, for no reason at all, I rounded the corner of one of the kennels and looked in the outside yard and I saw a face that looked just like Alli.”

Emily and Ollie Emily and Ollie

Even though Emily remembered her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Then the dog she was staring at stood up to reveal one of her legs was missing. “I really couldn’t believe it,” Emily said. “She was waiting for me, knowing all along that she was meant to be my dog.”

So where are they now? Emily & Ollie, Alli’s new name, are together, just the way they were always supposed to be. Emily recently graduated from college and enjoys spending her days spoiling Ollie. Nowadays Ollie is obsessed with all things squirrels and loves taking rides in the cars. Emily couldn’t gush over Ollie enough, and after hearing so many great stories and memories, the thing that stood out most was when Emily said, “From day one, it was meant to be.” Even when Emily didn’t realize it, Ollie knew that she was hers, and waited for her as she went across the world and back, until she could finally be with the owner she knew was meant to be hers.

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