San Antonio Humane Society Transfer Program
The San Antonio Humane Society is here to support the homeless and orphaned pets of our community. The majority of our animal intake is devoted to the care and rehabilitation of animals brought to us by the citizens of San Antonio. These animals can be found as strays or owned pets that the individual surrendering the animal can no longer care for. However we recognize that only through partnerships and collaboration, can San Antonio ever reach a no kill goal. It is with this goal in mind that we have devoted an entire Dog Pavilion to our transfer efforts. This allows us to make weekly trips to Animal Care Services to transfer dogs in need into our facility.

Our partnerships also include 32 other shelters and rescue groups in our area. The joint efforts of these collaborations save hundreds of animals who are facing euthanasia. Occasionally we learn of shelters in need outside of San Antonio and as time and resources allow we travel to these shelters and help as we can. Every animal deserves a chance and our transfer program ensures that as many animals as possible receive the hope of a better tomorrow.

The San Antonio Humane Society assists other area shelters by transferring animals to be adopted from our facility.
This provides more room in other shelters so they can continue to serve the public by receiving animals. The San Antonio Humane Society transfers from Animal Care Services, Animal Welfare Society of Bandera County, Alamo Heights PD, Calhoun County Humane Society, City of Cibolo Animal Control, City of Garden Ridge, Universal City Animal Control, City of Windcrest, For Paws, Goliad Pet Adoption, Hill Country Animal League, Homes for Pets, Houston SPCA, Lifesavers, Live Oak Animal Control, Louisiana SPCA, New Braunsfels Humane Society, PeeWee's Pet Adoption World & Sanctuary Inc, SA Great Dane Rescue, SA Pug Rescue, Save A Strays Life, Schertz Animal Control, Voices for Animals, and numerous Vet Clinics in San Antonio.

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San Antonio Humane Society Transfers Dogs from Gulf Coast

Several of the dogs transfered from the Gulf Coast were Heartworm positive.
Do You want to help a Heartworm Positive Dog?      
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