Second Glances for Second Chances

Ritz Ritz

All of our animals at the San Antonio Humane Society have been given a second chance to find a forever home, but sometimes you need to take a second glance to see them for who they really are. Being in a shelter is a new experience for most of our animals, so don’t be surprised if they seem a little timid at first. You’d be amazed how different our animals are when they are given a second chance to show you their personalities. When they are in their natural environment and with people like you, they truly transform from just another cat or dog to your new best friend.

Take a second glance at Ritz, a 2-year-old male cat. He used to be a stray who was struggling to get around with his broken hip, but luckily he was found and brought to the shelter. As soon as he gets to spend some time with you, you’ll see he’s a vocal guy who loves to talk and might even purr you your favorite tune. Ritz also loves to cuddle at night, jump into bed, and sleep by your side. He’ll even tap you just to show you he doesn’t want you to go. Ritz is also very curious and would be happy meeting some new doggie and kitty friends. He may have a little limp from his previously broken hip, but he doesn’t let it affect him at all; he can leap just as high as any other cat.

Ritz with his new family

In our Kitty Cottage Ritz may look like just any other cat, but give him a second glance to show you what a great cat and new forever companion he could be. Stop by the San Antonio Humane Society today to spend some time with Ritz and give our other loving pets second chances for forever homes with your second glances.

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