The San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) the only large public intake shelter in San Antonio to have regularly scheduled intake days for individuals attempting to find placement for owned, lost, or stray pets. We are a nonprofit, no-kill organization that does not euthanize for space. We regularly operate near or at capacity. This means we are only able to receive dogs and cats as others are adopted and space becomes available.


ALL intake takes place at our Leeu Naylor Medical Building!

Although the intake opens no later than 10 a.m. we start passing out intake numbers as early as 7 a.m. until we have reached our capacity for the day. Please note that once you have a number you CANNOT leave until the intake process is completed! Also, cats need to be in a carrier, and NOT in a feral trap! If you arrive when we are already at capacity you will have to come back on the next intake day.

Due to staff shortages our intake appointments for Medium and Large dogs (over 20 pounds) currently have a longer than normal waiting period.

Intake Process:

Surrender Fees:

In order to help offset the cost of pet care while in the shelter, we require a receiving fee at the time of surrender. This fee is based on the pet’s age, species, and any additional required testing.
Puppies/Dogs 6 months and over: $35 each
Kittens/Cats 6 months and over:
$35 each 
Kittens under 6 months of age: 
Puppies under 6 months of age:
$35/ litter

Additional Fees:
Required Parvo Test for puppies under 1 year old: $29/test (pricing varies for litters)

Instances where appointments are required to surrender a pet!

Appointments are required if you are attempting to Return a pet, Transfer an animal from another organization, or Surrender a dog over 20 pounds. See below for contact info. Please note, an e-mail request does not guarantee an appointment or intake.

Intake Surrender Forms

To help ensure your visit runs as smoothly and quickly as possible, please download and fill out the proper forms below before arriving at the shelter:
Stray Surrender Form
Owned Cat Surrender Form
Owned Dog Surrender Form

All animals are vaccinated upon intake, and will be spayed/neutered before going home to their new adopters. All potential pet owners are screened and interviewed prior to adoption in order to find the best fitting home for every pet.