Please fill out this lost & found animal report for us to put your information in our system, and on our lost/found pet listing on this page. Don't forget to include a photo!

Lost & Found Animal Report

Did you report a lost/found pet? Please let us know if the pet is back home, or reunited with the owner!

Is Your Pet Back Home or Reunited With the Owners? Please Click Here & Let Us Know!

Also, to have a lost/found pet posted on our social media please email a flyer (include a photo, location last seen (nearest intersection), and any helpful information).

Create a flyer online via PetFBI!

Animals are lost every day in San Antonio.
In one moment, a small hole in the fence, a gate left open, or even a thief can cause a family to lose their beloved pet. Here are a couple ways to hopefully recover your four-legged loved one.

First and most importantly, microchipping your pet can greatly increase their chances of being returned to you. Be sure to microchip your animal and make sure you follow the proper procedures necessary. The San Antonio Humane Society offers microchip implantation and registration for only $36.50.

Second, putting up signs and flyers is a good way for people to be on the lookout and recognize your pet, should it wander past them. Please e-mail your flyer or bring it to the front desk, and a SAHS staff member will happily enter it in our database. All lost pets will be featured on this page.

To reclaim your animal from the San Antonio Humane Society, there is a $55 reclaim fee and a fee of $10 per day for boarding. Every pet reclaimed will have to be microchipped at the owner's expense if not already chipped. This fee is not included in the reclaiming fee. Please call 210-226-7461 for more information.

Some ideas to find your lost pet!

Other Options:

Lost/Found Pets

If you think you have found one of these lost pets, or if you think it's your lost pet that's been found, please contact our adoption team ASAP via! For more lost/found pets see our Facebook page.

Lost/Found Pets on stray search at the SAHS

Stray Search, what does it mean? This is indicated on their profile under “Stage”. What does “Stray Search” means? When an animal comes into our facility as a found pet, we will place a temporary hold allowing their owners an opportunity to find their loved ones. Once an animal is available for adoption, their "Stage" will be updated to “Available”. We ask that you continue to check back for updates on those pets.

Reported Lost Pets

Reported Found Pets (NOT at the SAHS, unless it says in custody)