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Help a Heartworm Postive Dog!
The Help a Friend Fund assists in providing heartworm treatment for our shelter animals. From our hearts to yours, we sincerely thank you for your contributions.

Heartworm infection is a serious problem in San Antonio and its surrounding areas. Due to our warm, wet climate, the mosquitoes, which carry juvenile heartworms prolifically, can spread the parasites to many animals-- even humans. A great number of dogs coming into our shelter are afflicted with heartworm infection, and must be treated before they can go to their new homes.

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Q: Does my dog need to be on heartworm prevention year round since I live in San Antonio?
A: "Heartworms are a big deal in the South! This parasite is passed by mosquitos which, as we all know,
are abundant year round in Texas and other gulf states. It is important to prevent the baby heartworms,
called microfilaria, that are constantly being injected into your dog by the mosquitoes from becoming
adult heartworms! Monthly prevention, either given as an edible treat or by oil placed on their skin,
is very important year round here. Missing even one month could be a lost battle in the fight against heartworms,
so its imperative not to lose the war!"

Dr. Courtney Hurst-Bridgeman
More information about heartworm

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