Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Can Be a Spooky Time for Pets – Keep Yours Safe!

Think about Halloween from your pet’s perspective: Strangers and even friends wearing masks and dressed in unfamiliar costumes, the doorbell ringing over and over again, flickering flames inside pumpkins – flames so alluring you just might want to poke a paw at ’em. For Halloween, the San Antonio Humane Society encourages all dog and cat owners to consider the following recommendations.

  • Check on your animals during this Halloween time to prevent them from becoming a possible victim of cruel treatment due to someone’s superstition or some other prank. If you suspect animal cruelty, please call and report it to 311.
  • Keep all chocolate and other candy out of your pet’s reach, and teach your children that candy can make pets sick. In fact, chocolate and other candy can be poisonous for animals. Candy wrappers and lollypop sticks could cause choking or intestinal blockage. If you suspect your animal is sick, please contact your vet or emergency clinic.
  • Make sure your pet has on an updated ID tag and micro-chip, just in case he/she does slip out while you are greeting Spiderman or Cinderella. If you do lose your animal, remember to file a lost and found report with the San Antonio Humane Society.
  • Confine your pet to a quiet part of the house away from the front door if you are going to be opening it repeatedly for trick-or-treaters. This can prevent a protective dog from trying to bite, and can prevent a frightened cat from slipping out under your feet.
  • Keep candle-lit pumpkins out of reach so they can’t get knocked over by a swinging tail or a swatting paw.
  • Use caution if you dress up your pet in a costume. Some pets may try to chew on the costume. Supervise at all times. If the costume seems to cause stress or discomfort, take it off.
  • If you’re trick-or-treating with your dog, he/she may become frightened or aggressive due to the unfamiliar costumed patrons.
  • Celebrate Halloween with your pets by giving them treats of their own—dog treats or cat treats!

For some more Halloween safety tips check out our blog “Candles, Candy, and Critters – Oh my!

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