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Cheese, a handsome 2-year-old Retriever boy, was having trouble breathing when he arrived at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) on Oct. 18. He had a hole beneath his lip, which was exposing his nasal cavity to his oral cavity. Because of his unique and noticeable smile, he was named Cheese

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SAHS’s medical team believes his injury was caused by a traumatic incident to his nose. Thankfully, they were able to provide the specialized surgery he needed.

“The first attempt at repairing what has been decided as an old avulsion injury to his nose did not work, and he required a second surgery by a specialist,” SAHS Associate Veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. “He is approximately three weeks post-op and is doing well. He will likely always be a noisy breather due to previous trauma to his nose, but he is a happy guy who is ready to find a home.”

Cheese is now feeling much better and will always greet you with his beautiful smile. He’s gentle on the leash and loves to meet new friends – people and dogs. He’s ready to find his very own forever family who will love him and take him on fun adventures.

Cheese will need to be fed canned food only and avoid playing with hard toys for two more weeks, and then he can resume a normal diet and toy selection. He required a tracheostomy tube following the procedure to breathe for three days, and the site is also healing well.

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