Adonis and Aphrodite’s Story

When Adonis and Aphrodite were brought to us last December, they were hungry, weak and severely underweight.


The sweet 4-year-old American Pit Bull Terriers were transferred from City of San Antonio Animal Care Services weighing only 25 pounds – about 30 pounds less than a healthy dog their age and size should be – with their ribs, hips and spines protruding.

“Both were showing signs of extreme malnutrition and starvation, to the point where Adonis could barely sit up or walk,” SAHS Chief Veterinarian Dr. Kristine Hawkins said.

Despite most likely surviving a heartbreaking life of abuse and neglect, their tails were still wagging and showed affection to everyone who stepped in to help them. It is as if they knew they had received a second chance at life.

They were given a warm bath, cozy blankets and were started on a carefully scheduled refeeding plan to prevent their major organs from shutting down. The plan consisted of four small meals a day, as well as supplemental fluids and supportive acupuncture to help maintain their hydration and well-being.

“This couple has been pampered by the medical staff and volunteers during their stay, and their journey has been nothing short of miraculous,” Hawkins added. “They have gone from depressed and lethargic to bounding with energy!”

The twins have captured the hearts all around the shelter, bringing smiles to everyone as they now frolic through the halls and play yards. In the last two weeks, they made their biggest improvement yet and have filled out their coats and are even showing new colors.

“Both are extremely beloved, and we cannot wait for them to find the perfect home where they will never have to be hungry or want for anything again,” Hawkins concluded.

After six weeks of receiving around-the-clock care and endless love, Adonis and Aphrodite have made a triumphant recovery and have met their healthy weight goal. They are finally ready to find the loving home they always deserved.

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