Shelter Wishlist

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We are in urgent need of:

- Rubbing alcohol
- Newspaper
- Dog treats for training
- Collars with metal buckle
- Feline shredded or sliced pet food of any brand (not the pate kind)
- Puppy canned food
- Kitten canned food
- Regular & mini miracle nipples (example)
- Digital kitchen scales (for newborns)
- Plain (as in no flavor) Electrolyte packets
- Snack size containers/tupperware
- Paper towels
- Blankets

We are always in need of:

Gentle leaders
Stainless steel water/food bowls (all sizes)
Crates (all sizes)
Cotton ball and Q-tips
Baby wipes
Sandwich and snack bags
Baby gates
Assorted grooming brushes
Small flea combs
Laundry baskets
Large reusable grocery bags
Puppy pads
Plastic containers (sm, med, lg)
Cat towers
Gram scales
Puppy play pins
Kitten bottles
Puppy bottles
Mini shaker bottles
Scratching posts
Cat scratch pads
Empty litter containers
Plastic litter boxes
Litter scooper
Non clumping clay cat litter
Gallon sized ziplock bags
Cat and dog beds
Thundershirts (S, M, and L)
Small collars for puppies and kittens
Rolling cat cages
Hair dryer
Double sided cat dishes
Small puppy dishes
Small plastic plates

Mobile agility course
Kiddie pool for dogs
Kong toys for cats & dogs
Kittypod scratchers
Cat & dog treat dispensers/puzzles
Cat hammocks (Sunny Seat)
Kitty crinkle sacks
Feliway spray
Toy boxes
Laser toys
ChuckIt! toys for dogs
FURminator deshedding tools
Catnip bubbles

Training treats
Canned food
Formula (KMR & Esbilac)
Esbilac puppy replacement milk

Cleaning supplies
Paper Towels
Office Supplies
Pillows (NOT down or foam)









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