Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. (WRR)Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.
WRR have two locations where they provide rehabilitation for injured or orphaned animals - 137 Earl Street in San Antonio and their main site in Kendalia, where they have 212 acres including a hospital and sanctuary. They work diligently to return native species back to the wild, and our non-native animals find permanent residence there for the rest of their days. Over 700 animals call WRR home and they care for over 7000 lives (these are the native species who are brought to the WRR ill, orphaned or injured and who are, assuming  they survive, ultimately set free) annually. They also have a 24 hour Emergency Hotline (830-336-2725) to answer questions or give advice managing human-animal encounters in a nonlethal manner. To learn more about their work to save wild lives, visit

Drop-off point for injured or ill wildlife
137 Earl St, San Antonio, TX. 78212
Please call WRR for more information, 210-257-8823.

Main WRR site
Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
335 Old Blanco Rd., Kendalia, TX. 78027 
WRR 24-Hour Emergency Hotline: 830-336-2725




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