Volunteer Orientation

While our new Volunteer Coordinator gets up to speed, the Volunteer Orientations are temporarily put on hold.

Our volunteer orientations are offered online!

How to Become a San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) Volunteer:

1. Please e-mail the following information to *: *While our new Volunteer Coordinator gets up to speed, the Volunteer Orientations are temporarily put on hold. Please check back!
    - Your name and/or the names of everyone interested in volunteering
    - Your age and/or the ages of everyone interested in volunteering
Please note: If your e-mail is missing any necessary information, a response e-mail will not be sent.

2. Response E-mail: If your initial e-mail contains all the necessary information, please expect to receive a response e-mail containing links for the online volunteer application and orientation fee payment.

3. Please complete the online volunteer application and submit the orientation fee(s) at the provided payment link for all applying volunteers. Please see orientation fees below. Confirmation of submitted application/s and payment/s will be sent to the Volunteer Program Supervisor. The payment link can be forwarded to all volunteer applicants.

4. As the online volunteer applications and payments are received, confirmation for the application and payment will be e-mailed to the original sender. This e-mail will also include the link for required background check(s). Background checks are only required for volunteer applicants 18 years of age or older.

5. Following the SAHS background check email, applicants will be sent the link for the online volunteer orientation. This will be coming from a 3rd party website called FlexiQuiz. Please follow the link and all online orientation prompts. NOTE: This link cannot be sent to anyone else.

6. Once verification of the completed online orientation is received (with a score of 100%), an e-mail containing the link to set the applicants password for the SAHS online scheduling system (Volunteer Information Center – VicNet) will be sent.

7. Follow the VicNet email and sign up for a follow-up tour.

8. After attending the follow-up tour, the volunteer process is complete! New volunteers can volunteer at the SAHS anytime during designated volunteer hours (8am-7pm daily, except major holidays).

Please Note: The volunteer process is only COMPLETE when
1. The online volunteer application form is submitted.
2. The orientation fee (see below) is received.
3. The online orientation is completed with a score of 100%.
4. A follow-up tour has been attended.

Orientation Fees:*
The orientation fee helps us pay for an applicant’s volunteer t-shirt, background check (18+ years), volunteer badge, and accident insurance.
Individuals 18 years of age or older: $35
Individuals 12 – 17 years of age: $25
Court Appointed Individuals: $35
Active Duty Military and Immediate Family: $25

*Please note: We are unable to issue a full refund if you are unable to complete the volunteer process or attend the follow-up tour.