Court Ordered Community Service

Individuals needing court-appointed community service hours do not go through the online volunteer orientation or follow up-tour.

We are unable to accept individuals with felonies or criminal acts involving violence, theft, child or animal abuse/cruelty, weapons, sex crimes, trespassing, or resisting arrest charges.  All other offenses will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Volunteer Program Supervisor and/or the Director of Communication.

Individuals volunteering at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) for court-appointed hours are considered temporary volunteers and will have no animal interaction while volunteering. Court-ordered community service volunteers will be assisting SAHS staff members with different tasks such as cleaning kennels, spraying yards, wiping down windows, and any other related assignments.  

Court-ordered community service volunteer applicants must fill out an online volunteer application and submit the $35 volunteer orientation fee before volunteering at the SAHS.

Starting your court-appointed volunteer hours:
1. Email with the following information:
   - Name
   - Age
   - Offense

2. After offense review, if the applicant is considered eligible to apply, please expect an email containing links for the online volunteer application and orientation fee payment.

3. Please fill out application and submit payment.

4. Once both have been received, please email the Volunteer Program Supervisor at when you will be available to meet at the shelter to fill out paperwork and receive a shelter walkthrough.

5. After completed paperwork and a shelter walkthrough, court-appointed volunteers can obtain community service hours anytime during designated volunteer hours (8am-7pm daily, except major holidays).

Note: Once hours are completed, please notify the Volunteer Program Supervisor to obtain a print out of hours.