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Every day the San Antonio Humane Society is asked to help animals need. Most of these animals are able to be received and placed up for adoption immediately. However, for many this is not the case. Sometimes we are asked to take in a litter of puppies or kittens, abandoned without a mother and too young to survive on their own. Other times it’s an adult who’s been found injured and needs surgery and a safe place to heal. Either way these animals need the extra tender loving care that only a home environment can provide. That is where our true heroes, our volunteer foster families, step in. Every time one of our amazing foster families opens their hearts and home to one of these special animals, they are giving them the chance no one else would, the chance to become someone’s lifetime companion. 

There are a number of things you should consider and discuss with the rest of your family prior to fostering:

Will you have time to spend with your foster animals?

Most of the animals needing foster care will be in great need of quality time and handling; you should spend at least one to two hours a day with your foster animal. Animals recovering from illnesses, injuries, or surgeries will require medication, physical therapy, and/or rehabilitation. You will also need to pay attention for signs of illness or worsening of symptoms. Imagine all the love.

Do you own animals?

Keep your foster animals isolated from your pet(s) for the first 10 days. We do our best to inform you of any known potential problems, but the majority of these animals come from unknown backgrounds. Keeping your foster animals in a separate room that has no carpet works best. All resident pets should be current on vaccinations. Imagine the rewards.

Do you have time to clean up after your foster animals?

Young animals are usually busy doing one of four things: eating, sleeping, playing, and peeing/pooping. They are messy! You will need to keep their environment clean, which could require several cleanings a day. Imagine all the wagging tails and kisses.

Will you be emotionally prepared to return the animals back to the SAHS after the foster period is up?

For some, this is the hardest thing to do. It's easy to become very attached to your foster animals. Be prepared for some tears, but know your effort has made this animal more suitable for adoption into a permanent home. Imagine the memories made.

Think you’re ready to be a foster family?

The SAHS provides our foster families with all the supplies they need, such as food, litter, beds, crates, toys, treats, etc. We also provide all medical care for the foster pet. All we ask the foster families to provide is time and love. Anywhere from two to eight weeks can truly save a life. Imagine all the lives you will save.

Take the next step and apply to be a foster family!
Please fill out the application and our Foster Care Coordinator will contact you soon. Don’t forget to ask about how you can receive community service hours for fostering. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mindy Campos at (210) 226-7461 ext. 120 or