The San Antonio Humane Society actively follows all legislation concerning our Texas pets and animals. We believe our animals should receive the same government representation and protection as all of our other Texas residents. The San Antonio Humane Society proudly supports the Texas Humane Legislation Network for representing and speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

We are pleased to share wonderful news from our capital; the “Puppy Mill Bill” has been passed! Because of this bill, many beautiful animals like Molly and our other puppy mill rescue dogs will finally get the humane treatment they deserve. We believe this legislation is just the beginning and look forward to the day when no animal is treated unjustly. The San Antonio Humane Society is a proud supporter of the Texas Humane Legislation Network. Read more about the bill and what it means for Texas high volume breeders here.

Puppy Mill - Molly with puppies Puppy Mill dogs
Molly and puppies from the Houston Puppy Mill Seizure in May 2011