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Main Pavilion, Adoptions & Information

The general hub of the complex, the main pavilion houses the shelter office staff and adoption counselors and serves as a greeting point for adopters.

Receiving Area, Animal Surrender

The Receiving Area is a waiting room designed for pets and people who wish to surrender pets to the San Antonio Humane Society. Staff members evaluate the health of animals in this room, and provide initial vaccinations in the clinic just beyond the receiving room. Down the hall, pets needing medical care are housed in the infirmary until they are healthy enough for adoption. Pets with behavioral issues are held for observation and socialization before being available for adoption. A grooming area allows staff and volunteers to bathe and groom pets. A food preparation area is located right next to the special needs kennels. Our laundry machines are also located in this hall.

Education Center, Classes & Seminars

Located at the front of the campus, the education pavilion and training yard are designed to accommodate a variety of programs and serve as a staging area for both indoor and outdoor education programs, special events, and training for people and pets. Restrooms are located just inside the doors marked Mike Curb Family Education Building.

Feline Pavilion, Kittens & Adult Cats

The feline area can house up to 74 cats, in individual kennels and three communal sunrooms. The 38 kennels feature Plexiglas fronts to allow for sunlight and viewing for people and cats alike. The sunrooms are large, tiled rooms with windows on all sides for our cats to relax in the sun or spend some time playing on carpeted towers and with their other feline friends. The pavilion also features three socialization rooms to provide one-on-one time with cats and their potential adopters.

Canine Pavilion B & D, Adult Dogs & ACS Transfers

Separated by the Feline Pavilion into the B and D kennels, these buildings can house over 100 dogs. Each of the 35 kennels is extra large, and enclosed by glass and tile. The outdoor runs feature grassy areas and will eventually be framed in the trumpet vines that grow across the fences.

Special Needs, Medical Rehabilitation

The San Antonio Humane Society treats many common illnesses and injuries. Animals that are contagious are kept in isolation or foster care. Animals with issues that do not pose a threat to the health & safety of the other shelter animals are housed in our Special Needs pavilion. These animals often require medical care before being available for adoption. The San Antonio Humane Society relies on donations to treat these sick animals, and they are housed in Special Needs with specific instructions as to their individual care.

Chula Marie Kelso Puppy Palace, Puppies & Small Breeds

The Puppy Palace features more traditional housing than the rest of the animal care areas. This is due to the fact that puppies are often adopted more quickly than other shelter pets. The Puppy Palace features 45 kennels, as well as three enclosed socialization rooms and two small yards to allow people & puppies the chance to get to know each other.

Exercise Yards, Dog Walking & Socialization

Behind the shelter, three exercise yards have been built to allow shelter dogs the chance to enjoy some off-leash time. Each yard is 35 ft. by 100 ft.  An expansive grass field also accommodates long walks.