Wellness Clinic

Connecting Friends for LifeThe San Antonio Humane Society offers Low-Cost Wellness Clinics every 2nd and 4th Saturday (see schedule for changes) of the month from 8:00-noon. Clinics are held in the Curb Humane Education Center, and are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

At these clinics, our veterinarians briefly examine your animal to determine if he/she is healthy enough to receive vaccinations. We also offer heartworm tests and prevention (if test is negative) for dogs, and flea/heartworm prevention for cats. Deworming is also available.  If our veterinarians feel your pet may be too sick for vaccines, they will refer you to your regular veterinarian or nearest emergency clinic immediately.

Wellness Clinic Schedule
Cancelled - Saturday, March 25, 8.00-12.00 (noon),4804 Fredericksburg Rd.
Saturday, April 8, 8.00-12.00 (noon), 4804 Fredericksburg Rd.
Saturday, April 22, 8.00-12.00 (noon),4804 Fredericksburg Rd.

Forms to fill out and bring
Vaccination and Services Record, Vaccination and Microchipping, Texas Health and Safety Code Consent Form

We recommend that your dog maintain a current rabies vaccine according to state and local laws.
Your pet can receive its first rabies vaccine at 12-16 weeks of age. We are able to update your animal’s rabies vaccine for 3 years provided that:

1. Your animal has had its first 1 year rabies vaccine
2. You bring written proof that your pet has had a rabies vaccine within the past year and it is not expired.

If you do not have proof of prior rabies vaccine or the vaccine date is past expiration, we will administer a 1-year rabies vaccine only.

Our veterinarians make vaccine and preventative care recommendations after a brief exam. Recommendations and dates for follow up vaccines and other preventative care are written down on the exam sheet, as well as existing conditions that should be followed up with your primary care, full-service veterinarian.

Because we are a shelter and NOT a full service veterinary clinic, we are NOT able to treat the following conditions if found on exam:
Ear infections
Skin infections, hair loss
Chronic medical conditions
Heart murmurs
Chronic dietary concerns not immediately related to whether or not your pet is healthy enough to have vaccines

For the above and other medical concerns, our veterinarians will recommend you establish a relationship with a full service veterinarian. Because of current Texas laws, we are ONLY ABLE TO PROVIDE PREVENTATIVE CARE, in the form of vaccines, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, and deworming. We can only provide those services during the wellness clinic hours (every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 8:00-12:00. We DO NOT take appointments for wellness clinics.

All animals must be on a leash or in a carrier. Loose and/or uncontrolled animals are not allowed.

Services Provided

$10 examination fee for each pet

DAPP - $19.50
Bordetella - $17.00
Rabies - $10.00

Dog Package:

DAPP & Rabies - $26.50

FVRCP - $19.50
Rabies - $10.00

Cat Package:
FVRCP and Rabies - $26.50

Additional Services
Microchipping - $25.00
Nail Trim - $15.00
Heartworm Test (dogs) - $25.00
Dewormer - $8.00

Heartgard Plus
0-25lbs Blue B60 - $5 (1); $30 (6)
26-50lbs Green B60 - $7 (1); $42 (6)
51-100lbs Brown B60 - $9 (1); $54 (6)

4-10lbs - $14 (1); $84 (6)
10.1-24lbs - $14 (1); $84 (6)
24.1-60lbs - $15 (1); $90 (6)
60.1-121lbs - $15 (1); $90 (6)

Sentinel Spectrum
2-8lbs Orange - $7 (1); $42 (6)
8.1-25lbs Green - $9 (1); $54 (6)
25.1-50lbs Yellow - $11 (1); $66 (6)
50.1-100lbs Blue - $13 (1); $78 (6)

Up to 5lbs pup/kitten Mauve - $11 (1); $66 (6)
5-15lbs Blue - $13 (1); $78 (6)
15.1 – 22lbs Taupe - $13 (1); $78 (6)