Special Pets for Special People

Become a Guardian Angel This page is dedicated to our Special Pets and our Top 10 (sometimes more sometimes less) Pets available at the San Antonio Humane Society, who after being here for quite some time, look forward to finding the right forever family. Please stop by our wonderful facility and let them into your heart. If adopted, don’t hesitate to get to know one of the other sweet companions in need of a home!

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Angel is a friendly enough little gentleman, but to Angel, anything can be a toy-even his leash! He's an active and joyful 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who enjoys affection and playtime. Because of his active nature, we recommend that Angel go to a home with no children under 12 years of age. Angel has an adoption fee of $25 to help him find his new forever home. This jovial boy is looking for an understanding and dedicated family who'll shower him with praise and affection. Ready to love on this boy? Angel
Earl, available for adoption.
Bear, available for adoption. Bear
Minxie is a 9-year-old Domestic Shorthair who will gladly leave the comfort of her kitty condo to come out and greet you! She loves affection (under the chin and behind the ears!) and she doesn't mind asking for it too. Her little bob tail is sure to pull you in. Minxie came from an abusive household and she came to the San Antonio Humane Society to find a more welcoming and happy home. Drop in and visit this little lady soon! Minxie
Four-year-old Brooke is a gorgeous tortoiseshell tabby. The warm bronze of her fur and the striking yellow-orange of her eyes are enough to draw anyone in-if you could just see her! Brooke is rather fond of hanging out in her cat condo, and she's still doing a little bit of adjusting. She needs the warmth and support that only her new understanding forever family can bring to her. Don't mistake her timidity for unfriendliness; she still appreciates some sweet talk and affection. Spend a little time with her and don't be surprised when she nuzzles your hand asking for more love. Visit Brooke soon! She's ready for a devoted and understanding forever home. Brooke
Some of our staff have the feeling that 2-year-old Opal may not be the most trusting of cats in our kitty pavilion. She can be very playful when she wants to be (bird watching is a favorite), but she isn't overly fond of meeting or interacting with visitors. For her, it's all about building relationships, and she has some friendly ones with certain members of our staff and volunteers. Shelter environments can be stressful for some of our cats. We're hoping Opal will go to a home filled to the brim with love and understanding (and no children under 12). Are you willing to open your arms to this special lady? Opal
Cat-Winslet, available for adoption.
Cat Winslet
Saint, available for adoption. Saint