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Public Relations Manager
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March 22 - Neglected Puppy Near Death Makes Miracle Turnaround
Photos: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3

March 02 - Only One Solution for Dog’s Mystery Affliction: Adoption
Photos: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3

February 27 - Lee Asher and His Six Rescue Dogs Are Making a Stop in San Antonio
Photo: Photo1

February 2 - Kitten & Cat Adoption Fees Waived this Super Bowl Sunday


December 31 - The SAHS Celebrates A Great Year!
Video: Bunny (one of the many pets adopted 2013)

December 19 - Sweet Delilah Is A True Survivor
Photos: Delilah Before, Delilah After 1, Delilah After 2

November 15 - New Pet Supply Store in Town

October 31 - Bradley the Social Media Dog: ADOPTED!
Photo: Bradley adopted

October 29 - Successful Paws on the Patio for The San Antonio Humane Society
Photos: Paws 1, Paws 2, Paws 3. Video: Paws 4, Paws 5

October 24 - Bradley: The San Antonio Dog Saved by Social Media
Photos: Bradley 1, Bradley 2. Video: Bradley

October 11 - San Antonio Humane Society in Need of Foster Families
Photos: Fosters needed 1, Fosters needed 2

September 20 - Increasing Number of Chagas Disease Cases in San Antonio
Photo: Chagas (photo credit

September 10 - Transfer Dog Adoption Special at the San Antonio Humane Society

August 15 - Sparkie the Dog Ready for Adoption!
Photos: Tristan and Sparkie, Sparkie

August 12 - Cool Off at SA Humane
Video: Kona Ice B-roll

August 9 - Pit Bull Mix Named “Lola” Found on Freeway after Being Rolled at High Speeds
Photos: Lola 1, Lola 2, Lola 3

July 25 - Abandoned Puppy under 1604 & 281
Photos: Sparkie, Sparkie Abandoned, Tristan and Sparkie

July 20 - SA Humane Puppy Ready for Adoption after Amputation
Photos: Albany before surgery 1, Albany before surgery 2, Albany after surgery

June 25 - San Antonio Area Foundation awards San Antonio Humane Society $40,000 grant

May 30 - Brooks Pregnant Transfer ‘Whatadog’ and Puppies Now Available for Adoption at the SAHS

April 19 - Sesame Adopted into his Forever Home at the SAHS

April 15 - After Several Surgeries, Shar-Pei Mix Sesame Available for Adoption at the San Antonio Humane Society

March 20 - Media Dog JD Available for Adoption at The San Antonio Humane Society

March 12 - Spring Camp Humane with the SAHS

February 4 - 16 Medical Rescue Pets Fill SAHS Rehabilitation Wing: SAHS & ACS Work Together to Save More Lives

January 29 - Cat Owners should “Beat the Heat” Before Spring with the SAHS’s Spay/Neuter Promotion

January 4 - 5,370 Pets Adopted in 2012 from San Antonio Humane Society