Pet Care Tips

Foster FAQ

We know new foster families often have a lot of questions about becoming a foster parent, so we thought we’d share our Q&A with a pro; see what Theresa has to say about being a SAHS foster parent!
- Foster Feature Q&A with Theresa O’Donnel

- Newborn puppies - how to take care of them

Interested in making a huge difference & helping to save an animal’s life? Foster! If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact our Foster Care Coordinator at 210-226-7461 ext.120 or e-mail

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General Care

Allergies in Pets!
Moving With Your Pet
Pet Theft Prevention
Preparing Your Pet For Baby's Arrival
Successful Cleaning to Remove Pet Odors and Stains
To Spay or Neuter
Travel Tips
Territorial Marking Behavior In Dogs And Cats
Unusual Eating Habits In Dogs And Cats
Vaccination Guidelines
Quality of Life to the End of Life (By Alice E. Villalobos, D.V.M., DPNAP)

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