Ticks can be found almost anywhere, but living in Texas ticks cause even more trouble. The warm weather throughout most of the year in Texas causes ticks to be a common problem. Pet owners need to be aware of ticks and become educated about how to protect their pets.

Many people assume that ticks are insects; however they are actually parasitic arachnids and are similar to scorpions, spiders and mites. Tick feed on the blood of its host, either animal or human.
Dogs and cats, whether indoor or outdoor, are susceptible to ticks and can potentially spread them throughout the household. So make sure to check your pet after time outside because they may be bringing in an unknown pest attached to them, which can spread from animal to human. Therefore, if you have a pet at home, it is extremely important to take steps toward tick prevention.

How can you help tackle ticks? Here are a few tips and tricks to avoid ticks:
• Learn about the ticks and diseases in your area
• Talk to your vet about tick prevention (topical medication, tick collars, vaccines)
• Have your pet tested annually
• Keep your yard maintained and treated for pests such as, ticks
• Check your dog for ticks after going to a dog park, camping, hiking, etc.

Ticks can be deadly and have the potential to pass on many diseases to your pet. It’s important to be aware of the role ticks play in your area and become educated and prepared to annihilate these unwelcome arachnids.


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