As we all know, ticks and fleas are a part of the Texas summer and fall. Due to the relatively warm winter we had, this year stands to be worse than normal. A few important things to remember:

1. Have your pet on a normal monthly PRESCRIPTION flea product. Get these from your veterinarian. The products you buy from a pet store are often not as safe, tested, or effective as those you can get from the veterinarian.

2. Treat you yard and home if you start noticing even a few fleas on your pet. Fleas live in organic matter and bedding. Ticks live in underbrush and shrubs. Its important to get a trusted product or an exterminator to treat these areas at the same time. While they treat your home, send Fluffy to the groomer for a professional flea shampoo to have all sources of pests taken care of together.

3. Have a neighborhood “deflea”. Get your neighborhood association to advocate a blockwide extermination. Fleas and ticks can cross fencelines easily. Having everyone pitch in to cooperate will create healthier environments for pets and children!

4. Check your pets for ticks each time you return from the dog park or camping/hiking. Check the following spots that ticks love to hide: ears, between the toes, bottom of the feet, arm pits, groin and under the tail. These are the favorite camping spots of the first ticks on your pet. Remember: you have 24-48 hours to find the little campers before they can start transmitting disease to your pet (or you!)

Fleas and ticks are more than a nuisance, they can be deadly! Young and old pets can become anemic from an overload of fleas. Ticks pass many deadly diseases through their saliva. Keep your pet and family safe by being watchful and taking the proper precautions!

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