The San Antonio Humane Society wants your pet to be safe this summer and water recreation is a terrific way to spend quality time with your family and pets.

Here are just a few tips if you are considering taking your dog on a boat, to the beach, lake or just swimming in the family pool.

1. Supervision of your pet is important. We keep a constant eye on the children and our pets face the same dangers around the water.

Here is a list of some simple devices that could save your pet and other animals lives:

-  Fence, installing a fence around your pool will help protect your pet if you are not there.

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-  Life Jacket, there are actually life vests that can be fitted to your pet and help keep them a float if out in the water for a long period of time or for a pet that is not a swimming pro.
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Skamper Ramp, if your pet or other animal has the misfortune of falling in the pool, your pet has a safe and quick way to get out. Remember to teach your pet how to swim to the ramp.
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Mobile devices for dog collars, this device will alert you if your pet goes in the water while you are in the house or other location.
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2. Always obey signs such as Do Not Swim, Beach Closed. These warning are for pets just as much as people. They are placed there for a reason.

3. Make sure your pet can swim. Do not throw your pet in the water. There are correct ways to teach your pet if fearful of getting wet. Introduce your dog slowly in a controlled situation.

4. Is the Water clean? There are certain areas that have chemicals or bacteria that can harm not only you, but your pet.

5. Remember to keep drinking water available for your pet. Swimming pool water is not the best way to keep a pet hydrated due to the chlorine. If ingesting large quantities of pool, lake, or ocean water, this might cause gastrointestinal upset.

6. Is it too cold? Cold water can lower your pet’s temperature and lead to hypothermia. Watch out for Heat Stroke (signs of heat stroke, see hot weather safety tips

7. After a day of swimming, even though you may be tired along with your pet, remember a good bath is always important. Washing away any chlorine or other bacteria will keep your pet’s skin and his overall health protected.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer swimming with your pet!

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