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February 10th, early morning at the San Antonio Humane Society, staff and volunteers prepared for male cats to be checked in by the public. Over 40 cats, feral and owned, were neutered by our veterinarian, Dr. Courtney H. Bridgeman, given rabies shots if needed, and then checked out by the late afternoon. Thanks to all who made Nickel Neuter Day a great success!

Nickel Neuter Nickel Neuter
Nickel Neuter Nickel Neuter
Nickel Neuter Nickel Neuter

The number of unwanted cats in San Antonio far exceeds the number of available homes. The most proactive step in helping with the cat overpopulation:

*Neutering is a simple surgery with a very quick recovery period. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancies, neutering a male will help mitigate certain problem behavior found in whole males, and it will help prevent certain medical conditions, too.

• Neutered cats are less likely to spray strong urine
• Neutered cats will lose the urge to fight
• Neutered cats will be less likely to try to escape
• Neutered cats will not suffer the abscesses from fighting
• Neutered cats will be less likely to contract diseases such as FeLV and FIV
• Neutered cats will not be subject to testicular cancer
• Neutered cats will not likely develop “stud tail,” caused by overactive glands in the tail
• Neutered cats have a decreased risk of mammary cancer
• Neutered cats are less allergenic



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