El Rey Fido - Ways to raise money

El Rey Fido 2016

Suggested ways to raise money for your El Rey Fido candidate:

  • On your new Firstgiving Fundraising Page, include information such as the Top 10 reasons your dog should be El Rey Fido XIV.
  • Create a Facebook page for your candidate —“friends” can be notified and reminded to donate money. Reach more friends and potential donors by linking your fundraising page to your profile. Send a personalized e-mail from your dog to all of your friends, relatives and co-workers, asking them to support him/her and listing humorous Royal Decrees if she/he is for example elected El Rey Fido XIV (i.e., “If I am crowned the next El Rey Fido, I will declare that all canine-owning villagers commit the act of belly rubs at sunrise and sunset!”).
  • Have a “bake sale” with homemade or store-bought dog treats, wrapped in a photo of your dog with instructions of how to donate online.
  • Have an “election” party for your dog, providing access to a computer where supporters can make online donations.
  • Start a collection at work with an election/donation box with a colorful display of your dog’s photos; distribute stickers emblazoned with your dog’s photo and a phrase such as, “I voted for the next El Rey Fido.”
  • Make T-shirts, buttons, yard signs or other “campaign” materials!

    * The information contained in the "Ways to raise money" section is provided as a courtesy, and does not imply the endorsement, recommendation and/or approval of any company or organization.



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