6 Ways to Help San Antonio's Dogs & Cats

1. Donate to Help our Animals!Yum

• Donate goods like blankets, towels, treats, and toys or make a general monetary donation. Click here for ways to donate!
• Make a monetary donation to one of our funds like the Help a Friend heartworm fund or the Michaels Medical Rescue fund to help specific animals, just like Hope!

2. Volunteer!

• Spend time socializing our dogs & cats. Learn more about volunteering here!
• Help our staff in the kennels, around the shelter, or at events!

 3. Spay/Neuter your Animals!

• Alter your animals at home to help prevent unwanted litters. Click here for more information about spaying & neutering and to learn about our spay/neuter clinic!
• Help spread the word about spaying & neutering.

4. Foster, We Need your Time!

• Give care & comfort to sick, injured, or orphaned animals until they are ready for adoption. Learn more about fostering here!
• With kitty season in full swing, we have an immediate need for many caring foster families!

5. Report Cruelty!

• Animal cruelty is defined as acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals.
• Report animal cruelty or abuse by calling 311 (general city number to contact Animal Care Services); be prepared to provide a location and as much information as possible.

6. Adopt, Connect with a Friend for Life!

• Provide a life-long companion with a permanent, loving home. Remember June 30th is Adopt a Cat/Little Cat Day with special waived and reduced adoption fees!
• All San Antonio Humane Society dogs and cats come with a great adoption package! Read more here!