Pet Angel Tree Ornaments

Help the pets at the San Antonio Humane Society by creating your own pet angel tree at work or at home. Check back for additional pet angel tree ornaments.

Pet Angel Tree Instructions
- Use cardstock or heavy paper to print ornaments on
- Print on front and back of one sheet of paper
- When printed correctly, front and back of ornaments should line up
- Cut along black line of each ornament
- Use a hole punch to punch a small hole in each ornament and tie a small string or ribbon through hole punch to hang on the ornament on your angel tree
- Hang ornament on your angel tree and enjoy helping the pets at the San Antonio Humane Society!

Print the Pet Angel Tree Ornaments
Ornaments - November 10
Ornaments - November 17
Ornaments - November 22
Ornaments - December 9

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Pet Angel Tree Ornaments


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