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Long-lost owner and Jack Russell terrier reunite at San Antonio Humane Society!

Harley and Mr Smith Harley and Mr Smith

About five years ago, a teen-age boy moved from the home of his dad and step-mom in Chicago to his mom’s home in Austin, bringing along his Jack Russell terrier. What happened to the little pup next is unclear. One day the dog was gone—lost, or surrendered, perhaps—and the boy was very upset.

Fast forward to October 2010: Staff members of the San Antonio Humane Society visit another animal organization to transfer dogs into the shelter. One dog happens to be a Jack Russell terrier. In the process of checking the animal into the San Antonio Humane Society, he is scanned for a microchip. Sure enough, he has one. Using the phone number provided by the microchip company, a SAHS staffer reaches the boy’s step-mom, who has relocated with the dad to Nacogdoches, Texas. She’s very excited—“It’s Harley!” she exclaims.

For Harley (since renamed “Eddie”), Tuesday, October 19 was indeed a special day. The boy’s dad, who hatched a plan to surprise his son with a truly one-of-a-kind birthday present, came to San Antonio. He entered the adoption lobby at the SAHS. And here’s what onlookers saw: Harley running right up to him and jumping up to give him kisses on the face.

You can only imagine Harley’s reaction when he got home to the now-grown-up boy!