Picture the Pawsibilities - Capital Campaign

The San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) has begun construction of a state-of-the-art medical building at its location on Fredericksburg Rd. that is estimated to provide services for 20,000 needy pets in our community.

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Project Goals - Capital Campaign

Surgical Suite

- DOUBLE the number of spay/neuter surgeries performed at the SAHS on Fredericksburg Road to an annual count of 20,000. Sterilization is the single most powerful way to prevent unwanted litters and ultimately decrease the homeless pet population!
- Simultaneously perform surgeries on injured pets without putting spay/neuter surgeries on hold.

Medical Clinic
- DIVERSIFY and EXPAND the types of cases we are able to receive.
- Isolate the management of contagious, but treatable, diseases.
- Increase space to hold and care for animals awaiting and recovering from treatments or procedures.
- Create new and separate spaces for animals in need of specialty surgery and rehabilitation.

Overall Capital Improvements Benefits
- Construct separate holding bays for pets within each functional location of the building in which they receive service, to include separation for cats and dogs.
- GAIN additional space to receive new pets without disrupting the existing pet population and kennel space.

Education Building Renovation
- INCREASE our community reach due to the allocation of space (once designated for various programs and wellness services) to outreach and humane education opportunities. SAHS educators continue to develop and maintain valuable partnerships with schools, youth groups, organizations, and clubs.

Committed Lead Investors

Medical Building - Susan Naylor
The Medical Building will be a new source of expanded and regularly offered services that will benefit thousands of injured, abandoned, and homeless pets who come through our doors every year. The building will also be an essential resource to responsible pet owners in search of low-cost spay/neuter and wellness services.

Medical Reception Lobby - Harvey E. Najim
Within the Medical Reception Lobby, clients will be able to take advantage of separate areas based on species and low-cost services needed, ensuring prompt and efficient customer service to the people and pets we serve. This will allow the more than 20,000 dogs and cats that we serve annually, and their owners/caretakers, to wait in a stress-free environment.

Education Building Renovation - Will Smith Foundation & H-E-B Grocery Company
The Education Building provides an area for multiple Camp Humane day camps, humane education programs, partnerships with local schools and community groups, responsible pet ownership and dog training classes, and, of course, an indoor and outdoor area for our own shelter dog training and socialization. It’s clear that we’re outgrowing this space, but with the Education Building Renovation, this area will continue to serve as a vital resource for community outreach opportunities, Humane Education, and much more.

Outdoor Courtyard - Nancy Smith Hurd Foundation
The Outdoor Courtyard will be an extension of our campus’ beautiful landscape, providing more space for adopters and volunteers to walk and socialize with the deserving animals in our care.

Medical Entrance Courtyard - The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation
Due to the need of our provided services, the line for scheduled spay/neuter surgeries and receiving opportunities can be lengthy. In continuing with our campus’ welcoming environment, the Medical Entrance Courtyard will feature an inviting open space for guests and pets to enjoy as they wait to take advantage of our low-cost services.

Radiology Suite - Beldon Roofing Company
The Radiology Suite will include a digital X-ray and portable ultrasound machine that will help to expedite critical evaluations and lead to more accurate diagnoses for injured pets in need of medical care. This space will allow our staff to centralize this location for all X-ray procedures and decrease the stress of pets.

Rehabilitation Room - Mays Family Foundation
Numerous injured pets enter our shelter, and it is essential to provide them with the deserving care appropriate for each case. Most pets that undergo orthopedic surgery require a minimum of two months rehabilitation before they are ready for adoption. The Rehabilitation Room will provide necessary post-operative rehabiliation time, space for range of motion, stretching, and balancing exercises, therapy through the use of dry and underwater treadmills, and more to contribute to faster and more thorough healing.

Orthopedic and Specialty Surgery Suite - Lynnell & David Burkett
The Orthopedic and Specialty Surgery Suite will serve the pets of our community in multiple life-saving ways. Many pets that come into our care are suffering from injuries that require very extensive surgical procedures such as limb amputations, reconstructive surgeries, or soft tissue removal repairs. The Orthopedic and Specialty Surgery Suite will provide ample space and, most importantly, time to perform these complex surgeries.

With this space dedicated specifically to these specialty surgeries, routine spay/neuter surgeries can continue uninterrupted for public and shelter pets.

Kitty Cottage Renovation - Trudy & Ed Moore
Our Kitty Cottage is home to thousands of cats and kittens annually, and although we make it our top priority to ensure the health and happiness of each feline in our care there is a huge correlation between stress and illness.

In a new environment, cats adjust at their own pace and may become anxious leading to a lack of appetite or other health ailments. By renovating this building, our feline residents will have larger housing and more privacy, spending their days in a comfortable and stress-free zone with space to roam and stretch their legs
while perching up on elevated structures.

Construction Site - Floorplan

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SAHS Milestones

November 2002
Grand Opening Celebration
Opened our doors on Fredericksburg Road.

June 2004
First Camp Humane
Educated dozens of children on the importance of responsible pet ownership and humane pet treatment.

August/September 2005
Hurricane Relief Efforts
Assisted with disaster relief and pet rescue efforts during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, sheltering over 1,500 pets.

August 2009
Grand Opening of Spay Neuter Suite
Conducted nearly 7,500 spay/neuter surgeries on shelter and public pets in its first full year.

November 2012
Partnership with ACS
Transferred and adopted out over 2,000 pets from Animal Care Services (ACS) and helped to more than double their live-release rate.

March 2017
New Services at Brooks
The SAHS begins operations at the Brooks Spay/Neuter Clinic, offering free and low-cost wellness services and spay/neuter surgeries to the city’s Southside.

August/September 2017
Hurricane Relief Efforts
Transported supplies and rescued, temporarily sheltered, and transferred over 400 dogs and cats from affected areas during Hurricane Harvey.

December 2017
Biggest Impact Year Ever
15,903 pets spayed/neutered
5,178 dogs and cats adopted
6,190 children, teens, young adults, and seniors reached through Humane Education programs

August 2018
Launched Picture the Pawsibilities Capital Campaign