Hurricane Ian
October 3, 2022. The SAHS is preparing to help transport shelter dogs and cats in Escambia County, Florida directly affected by Hurricane Ian. SAHS staff and volunteers are currently preparing kennel areas and assembling crates that will be used to transport the incoming pets. By assisting with this transport, the SAHS is hoping to give these dogs and cats a second chance at finding forever homes, while also freeing up much-needed space in the Florida shelters deeply affected by the hurricane.

“In moments like this, it is more important than ever that we come together and help our rescue partners in need,” SAHS President/CEO Nancy F. May said. “We are proud to be a part of this lifesaving mission, and we look forward to helping these vulnerable animals find their homes across our community.”

The dogs and cats will become available for adoption through the SAHS adoption process once they are cleared by veterinarians. If you would like to support SAHS’s hurricane rescue efforts, the shelter is accepting monetary donations and supplies such as dog/cat beds, paper towels, canned chicken, kitten formula (KMR), blankets, towels, cleaning supplies (Lysol disinfecting wipes), treats, Feliway and Adaptil sprays, dog leashes, cat litter, toys, and wet canned pet food.

Hurricane Ida
September 2021. Our second transfer from Louisiana has finally arrived!! A total of 154 pets – 104 cats and 50 dogs – were welcomed overnight at 1:30 a.m. by our amazing SAHS team and volunteers after a long drive from Louisiana. This amazing, large transfer effort was made possible thanks to our rescue partner, Best Friends Animal Society, who drove them straight to our shelter! This is our largest single animal intake that we’ve ever done, and it couldn’t have been possible without the incredible help of our medical team, kennel staff and dedicated volunteers!! (A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!) They are still working around-the-clock to ensure all of our new pets feel safe and comfortable. Our rescued pets are currently being walked, bathed, fed, socialized, and some are even receiving medical treatment. They will be made available for adoption as soon as our veterinarians medically clear them!

August 2021. The SAHS team drove and met the Houston SPCA team halfway this morning to transport the dogs back to the shelter. SAHS staff and volunteers helped set up the areas that will house the pets, as well as assisted with the unloading, bathing and other tasks needed to make them feel comfortable and safe. “We’re grateful to be able to stand ready to assist displaced animals as Hurricane Ida continues to threaten our Gulf Coast,” SAHS President/CEO Nancy F. May said. “By relocating shelter pets from areas at high risk for damage, we are both bringing those animals to safety and freeing up much-needed space and resources for displaced pets after the storm.” All of the animals will be available for adoption through SAHS’s adoption process once they are cleared medically by veterinarians.

Hurricane Laura & Sally
August 26, 2020. The San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) is taking in nearly 90 cats and dogs to help assist shelters along the Gulf Coast in advance of Hurricane Laura. The first group of pets, 20 dogs and 10 cats, were flown in from the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter in New Orleans to San Marcos, Texas last night with the help of Wings of Rescue. When they arrived at 8:30 p.m., a SAHS team was already there ready to greet them and help transport them to the shelter. The SAHS also coordinated and helped transport 39 cats, 9 dogs and 11 4-month-old puppies from the Humane Society of South East Texas in Beaumont, Texas this morning. The SAHS team left at 4 a.m. with three vehicles and picked up the animals to ensure the shelter has space for relief efforts before and after the hurricane, which has strengthened to Category 4 and is expected to make landfall Wednesday night into early Thursday near the border between Louisiana and Texas.Donations are also being accepted to support relief efforts. Read more here!

Hurricane Harvey
September 5, 2017. Since Hurricane Harvey began its devastation along the Texas coast, the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) continues to shelter and assist 260+ pets displaced and at risk due to the destructive weather. Among these evacuees are pets forced to temporarily seek shelter at the SAHS due to the total loss of their homes and shelter pets transferred from the gulf coast due to hazardous conditions and loss of resources. The SAHS has already made multiple trips to flooded and devastated areas to deliver supplies and rescue dogs and cats in need, and dozens more are on their way. We are currently working with several partners on a national level, to clear our shelter and make room for more storm victims and evacuees as the need arises. Report from Charity Navigator - One Year Later, Hurricane Harvey

Louisiana Flooding
Tuesday, May 17th 2011, the San Antonio Humane Society traveled to Houston and met with the Louisiana SPCA to pick up 19 animals that had been relocated due to the recent flooding in the South. The Louisiana SPCA and Houston SPCA called upon the SAHS to help with animal overcrowding after the Morganza Spillway was opened.

Hurricane Ike
The San Antonio Humane Society was involved in relief efforts to aid areas being affected by Hurricane Ike. Over 230 animals were transferred to our facility from Houston, Galveston, and Corpus Christi, including, 50 baby squirrels that we transported from Houston to be transferred to the San Antonio Wildlife Rescue.
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Hurricane Gustav
A special thank-you to the volunteers who helped with this effort.

Eagle Pass Tornado
When the San Antonio Humane Society responded to requests for help in Maverick County due to the F3 tornado, we went to assess animals for the sole purpose of providing immediate emergency medical care, boarding of owned animals, and feeding of animals that were left alone in homes.  We cared for 67 animals for 5 days at Maverick County Animal Control until the Houston SPCA Disaster Response team could take over on April 30th, 2007. When we left, many owners had identified their animals, and Houston SPCA was in the process of transferring animals to the city shelter of Eagle Pass.

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