Veterinary Training

Education is one of San Antonio Humane Society’s top priorities.  Opportunity for spay/neuter training as well as shelter medicine education is offered for fourth year veterinary students. We also offer internships and/or volunteer hours for veterinary technician students. Licensed Texas veterinarians are also welcome to experience HQHVSN, or “High Quality High Volume Spay Neuter” here at SAHS.

Veterinary Students & Advanced Training for Licensed Veterinarians is temporarily put on hold!

Veterinary Technician Students
Individuals 18 and over who have the desire to attend the Palo Alto College Veterinary Technology Program or a similar program can obtain their hours at the San Antonio Humane Society. We can facilitate the required volunteer hours prior to enrollment, or as an intern/externship during the program.  As a pre-requisite, all individuals must attend a Volunteer Orientation and follow up meeting. To get started, contact our Volunteer Coordinator at:

Ana Student Vet with Lola
S.A. Humane Society’s First Student Vet Opens Door to Promising Endeavor
An injured cat in need of a leg amputation. Dozens of spay/neuter surgeries. A dog’s stressful heartworm treatment. In the fast-paced world of the San Antonio Humane Society’s on-site clinic and operating room, all this and more was experienced in the course of just one day by veterinary student Ana Hodgson.
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