Special Pets for Special People

 This page is dedicated to our Special Pets and our Top 10 (sometimes more sometimes less) Pets available at the San Antonio Humane Society, who after being here for quite some time, look forward to finding the right forever family. Please stop by our wonderful facility and let them into your heart. If adopted, don’t hesitate to get to know one of the other sweet companions in need of a home!

Would you like to become a Guardian Angel and help these animals get adopted? Read more about our Guardian Angel Program!

Austin is a 5-year-old Terrier/Beagle mix who came to the SAHS after his owner came to the conclusion that they were no longer able to care for him. He has a sweet and happy nature, and he's ready to make the permanent move into a new forever home, preferably with no other pets in the household. Ready to invite this little guy into your life? Thirteen pounds isn't much, but it's definitely enough to fill your heart with love and life! Austin
Brownie is as sweet as the pastry he's named after, and if his doleful eyes don't draw you in, his friendly tail wag will. This 4-year-old Terrier mix can be shy, and he's not a huge fan of loud noises, but he just needs the comforts of a forever home to help him work through his timidity. He's a part of our Canines-In-Training program and he knows how to "sit" on command-especially for a treat or two! Brownie has a Guardian Angel, which means a donor has generously covered his adoption fee. Although he's heartworm positive, adopters can continue his treatment free of charge at any local VCA Animal Hospital. Visit Brownie today! Brownie
Kiefer is a 6-year-old Boxer mix and the perfect running buddy. His enthusiasm and energy will take you on long adventures. Kiefer will be the perfect picnic buddy for a day at the park. Although he is heartworm positive, adopters can continue his treatment at local VCA Animal Hospitals. Kiefer came to the San Antonio Humane Society after being transferred from Las Lomas K9 Rescue. His favorite place to be scratched is behind the ears. Adopt Kiefer today if you love nature and a good run. This bio was written with the help of students participating in the Blue Ink Creative Writing Club at Lanier HS. Kiefer
Lady-bug is 10 years old and is a sweet, gentle mountainous-looking cat. She may hide in her litterbox now, but she's looking for an understanding family with a warm and cozy bed to cuddle up on. Her fur feels as soft as a fluffy cloud looks. Her favorite time of the day is meal time! Remember: Lady-bug is a sweet senior and she'll need a comfortable home ready for a senior lady. Looking for a nightly dinner date? Adopt Lady-bug today! This bio was written with the help of students participating in the Blue Ink Creative Writing Club at Lanier HS. Lady Bug
Lilly is a 2-year-old Terrier mix, and she came to the San Antonio Humane Society as an injured stray found on the city streets. After undergoing FHO and spay surgery, Lilly spent time in foster care rehabilitating both physically and emotionally. Although she thrived in her foster home, Lilly may be a bit wary of new visitors and places. We're hoping her forever family will help her blossom! She absolutely enjoys her walks, but she's also a fan of surfing the couch. She's sure to be your lap and sun-bathing buddy. She enjoys chew toys and spending time with other calm dogs. As her foster says: Once Lilly loves you, she'll accompany you everywhere! Visit Lilly today! Lilly
 Minerva, available for adoption.
Nine-year-old Nina has been through a lot, but her experiences are a testament to her strength and heart. This Pit Bull Terrier mix was found as a stray by one of our own foster volunteers. Nina had been struck by a car and when she finally made it to the San Antonio Humane Society, it was in a poor but optimistic state. Though her wounds healed slowly, she's finally ready to find a comfy and safe home to retire to. She can be a pretty mellow and sleepy girl (she's an oldie after all!), but she can be a spunky and friendly girl too. Nina takes frequent potty breaks, so take her for a stroll! She definitely welcomes the company. Nina has a special adoption fee to help her on her way to her forever home. Ask staff for details!  Nina
 Pieces, available for adoption.
 Sophie-Souffle, available for adoption.
 Sophie Souffle
Vulcan is a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix, and a frisky ball of fire looking for a home to call his own. Although he's heartworm positive, adopters can continue his treatment free of charge at any VCA Animal Hospital! His heartworm disease doesn't allow him to run and play as much as he wants, but be ready when treatment is over and the doctor says "release the hounds!" He's a happy tail-wagger who love attention and he sits for treats. He walks well on leash, but he's not one to take a leisurely stroll: he's full of energy! Does your home need a happy bundle of energy to make it complete? Visit Vulcan soon! This bio was helped written by an awesome SAHS volunteer. Vulcan