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ADOPTED - Oona and Shellington

UPDATE: Oona and Shelltington both found her new families!

Of the over 22+ dogs we recieved during an emergency seizure conducted by City of San Antonio Animal Care Services in May 2019 (involving over 50 other pets), Oona and Shellington are the final two still awaiting adoption. These sweet and lovable canines have been through so much and have come so far! They're playful, do well with people and pets, and know how to sit for treats. We hope they won't have much longer to wait!


Flora web

Flora has everything to offer her fur-ever family, even though she can be a little shy at first. Once she's warmed up, Flora eats up all the attention she can get! She was brought in as part of the 50-dog seizure in partnership with City of San Antonio Animal Care Services and has been adjusting well. She's eager to start her new life with a patient and loving home, so come visit this lovely lady today and make her smile even bigger!

Age: 5 years Weight: 57 pounds Breed: Retriever mix

ADOPTED - Pepper

You'll honestly never forgive yourself if you pass this girl up. She's the kind of girl that you think about and wonder, "what if?" It's Pepper! She's a positively perfect pibble. This girl is so darn affectionate, you'll want to do nothing more than just pamper her with pets all day. And she'll gladly accept them! She'll even roll over and over for belly rubs. She's truly a delight. When she's not getting affection, Pepper can be an energetic girl: she'd make the perfect running buddy! Although she can pull slightly while on her leash, she's pretty good about being redirected to follow your lead.

Pepper came to the San Antonio Humane Society after being abandoned as a very pregnant girl. She quickly went into foster care and gave birth to quite a handful of puppies. Now that all her pups have found forever homes, Pepper is ready to settle into a home of her own. Please visit this sweet lady today. She's been with us so long and we are baffled!


Poppy web

Poppy knows she's in safe hands now! She's friendly and gentle with all, and the company of other dogs definitely brings out her confidence. She walks well on her leash, but she's still a little fearful of putting the actual leash on. Nothing a little more time and patience can cure! Poppy was transferred to the San Antonio Humane Society with 22 other dogs from the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services. They were a part of an emergency seizure from a home on the City's East Side where over 50 dogs and puppies were being kept in unlivable conditions. We hope that you'll understand Poppy may need some time to feel comfortable with new visitors. Give her a chance!

Age: 5 years Weight: 51 pounds Breed: Retriever mix