Staff and Board Members

Board Members

Board of Directors


Terry Brechtel

Vice Chair
Glenn MacTaggart

Bob Logan

Susan Beldon

Past Chair
Lavonne Garrison

Board Members
Dr. Lydia Andrade
Richard Braune
Lynnell Burkett
Dina Cole
Sandra Banks Dance
Alex DePeralta D.D.S.
Helene DePeralta
Derick Fletcher
Andrea Lutz
Scott Matkin
Eric McCormick
Denise Pride M.D.
Shawna C. Russell
Jessica Flynn Saldaña
Kathy Zeltmann



Nancy May

Nancy F. May
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  • Works with the Board of Directors and helps determine the SA Humane values, mission, vision, and short and long term goals
  • Monitors development and implementation of standards, controls, systems, and procedures of SA Humane programs and services
  • Regularly evaluates SA Humane programs and services to ensure quality and organizational stability
  • Supervises and assures adequate control of SA Humane fiscal activities including budgeting, reporting, and auditing
  • Meets with donors, clients, volunteers, and the community to foster lasting relationships centered on bettering animal welfare
  • Assures awareness and response to community needs and helps generate community involvement
  • Guarantees a donor-centered organization through comprehensive relationship-building programs focused on loyalty and philanthropy

Director of Operations

Aaron Grady
Director of Operations

  • Manages and coordinates shelter operations
  • Ensures organizational efficiency by organizing, planning and supervising the programs related to the operation of the adoption center, surgical department, receiving department, and animal care department
  • Responsible for the well being and humane treatment of animals on and off site
  • Supervises building and ground maintenance, purchases supplies and equipment and is responsible for proper maintenance and use of equipment
  • Acts as liaison with cooperative veterinary programs
  • Coordinates cooperative programs with other agencies
  • Oversees customer service
  • Safety Manager
  • Plans, coordinates and implements new projects in regards to shelter operations
  • Provides and ensures staff training and development

Director of Communication

Felicia 2016

Felicia Niño
Director of Communication
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  • Serves as the liaison between the media and the San Antonio Humane Society
  • Represents the SAHS on local television and radio stations each week to showcase our adoptable pets, and to raise awareness of the pet overpopulation problem in San Antonio
  • Oversees print and web products
  • Ensures all communication from the San Antonio Humane Society is consistent with our mission and values
  • Seeks out ways to maximize the San Antonio Humane Society’s reach within the community

Director of Development

Traci Gomez

Traci Gomez
Director of Development
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  • General oversight of agency’s fund raising activities
  • Supervises the cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of all contributions and gifts
  • Coordinates all grant writing strategies
  • Responsible for creation of direct mail solicitations

Chief Financial Officer

Jean Flores

Jean Flores
Chief Financial Officer
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  • Oversees Accounting
  • Monitors internal controls and financial processes
  • Responsible for financial reporting to the Board of Directors, the public and regulatory agencies
  • Coordinates risk management initiatives

Chief Veterinarian

Dr. Kristine Hawkins web
Dr. Kristine Hawkins

Chief Veterinarian

  • Supervision of the entire medical department, including the surgical staff and animal health staff
  • Spay/neuter of shelter and public clinic animals, additional surgeries as required for shelter animals
  • Medical evaluation and treatment of sick/injured shelter animals, development of individual treatment plans to facilitate adoption
  • Education of staff and general public about pertinent animal health and welfare issues
  • Development and implementation of medical protocols pertaining to shelter animals including preventative medicine, treatment of illness and injuries; ensure staff compliance to protcols
  • Be a liason between other veterinarians and animal health professionals in and around the area
  • Ultimately ensures the health and well being of all shelter animals under our care


Director of Human Resources

Sabrina2 Dec2016 web

Sabrina Fowler
Director of Human Resources
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  • Directs the planning, development, implementation, administration and budgeting of all the HR functions of the organization
  • Manages hiring, interviewing, employment, recruitment, employment relations, compensation, benefits and organizational development
  • Develops and drive creative HR initiatives and activities to include event planning
  • Advises organization management in HR policies, employee performance and other program matters
  • Manages the maintenance and compliance of all laws and regulations pertaining to DOL, OSHA, EEOC, FMLA, Worker's Compensation and Unemployment
  • Establishes and maintain all payroll, personnel and department records and reports
  • Supervises HR Coordinator

Associate Veterinarian

Associate Veterinarian

  • Monitoring the health of all animals at the shelter
  • Examination and treatment of sick/injured animals under our care
  • Spay/Neuter animals coming through the shelter for adoption
  • Education of staff and public in the area of animal health and welfare

Foster Program Supervisor

Foster Christina web
Christina Salinas - Foster Program Supervisor

HR Coordinator

HR Coordinator Zach web
Zach Rubiola - HR Coordinator


Back: Cindy Sisk - Accounts Receivable
Front (left to right): Katie Goetz - Data & Solutions Manager, Emma DeJong - Database Administrator

Development Department

Development Department
From Left:
Kelly Konesheck Grady - Development Specialist
Andrew Coe - Development Assistant

Operations Team

OPSteam web
Back (left to right): Sarah Rihn - Volunteer Coordinator/Intake and Transfer Coordinator, Jenna Reber - Dog Trainer
Front (left to right): Joseph "Rocco" Roccotagliata - Maintenance Coordinator,  Jamie Alcala - No longer with the SAHS

Communication Department

Communication Staff March2017 web
Back (left to right): Sarah Rihn - Volunteer Coordinator, Sara Phippen - Humane Educator, Mikael Persson - Multimedia Manager
Front (left to right): Veronica Araiza - Communication Associate, Aiden (medical rescue dog), Mai Felty - Creative Designer

Surgery Staff

The SA Humane Society performs spay/neuter surgery on over 8000 animals per year with a handful of dedicated technicians and a spay/neuter coordinator working as a unified team under our Chief Veterinarian. These hardworking individuals work 6-7 days a week against the struggle with San Antonio’s pet overpopulation. For more information about spay/neuter please click here!

Adoption Counselors

AdoptionsMay2016 web
The SA Humane Society employs part-time and full-time adoption counselors/customer service representatives to help in the care of our animals. They are responsible for preparing pets and their paperwork for adoption, providing accurate information and friendly service to the public, and screening potential pet adopters.

Animal Health Staff

ClinicGroup april2016
The SA Humane Society employs part-time and full-time animal health technicians to help in the care of our animals. They are responsible for documenting and evaluating the health status and temperament of the animals in our care. This includes providing appropriate medical care and screening of all incoming and adopted animals. Contact the Clinic: 226-7461 ext. 107

Animal Care Staff

Animal Care Staff
The SA Humane Society employs part-time and full-time animal care technicians to help in the care of our animals. They are responsible for general care and maintenance of the shelter animals. This includes feeding, cleaning, disinfecting and grooming. They also assist in the process of introducing potential pet adopters to the many pets.