San Antonio Humane Society

Message About the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please consider making a donation to our San Antonio Humane Society Emergency Fund to assist with the care of our animals and staff - we need your help now more than ever!

March 20, 2020
IMPORTANT UPDATE (click here for Spanish):

Due to the growing concerns surrounding the coronavirus, the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) has decided to shift its operations to an emergency staffing status through April 5.

The health and safety of our pets, staff and community remain our top priority. Please be assured we are taking all the necessary steps to ensure all pets are properly cared for whether they remain in the shelter or are placed in a foster home. Our community is strong, and we will get through this together.

Our Board of Directors and I recognize that it is only with the hard work of our dedicated staff that we are able to accomplish our mission and save thousands of animal lives every year. Now, it is our turn to support our staff by ensuring they are compensated during this time. Even though our shelter is temporarily closed, essential staff will remain at the shelter, while others will work remotely around the clock, to provide top care for the animals that depend on us. We need your help now more than ever.

If you would like to offer additional support to help with SAHS’s ongoing costs during the temporary closure, please consider donating to our San Antonio Humane Society Emergency Fund at

We will continue to monitor and re-evaluate the situation as we move forward. We promise to keep you connected to the SAHS through our social media accounts and website while we are closed.

We look forward to reopening and welcoming visitors back to our shelter at the first opportunity we can responsibly do so. As always, thank you for supporting us.

Nancy F. May