San Antonio Humane Society

Urgent needs wishlist

We need you! Any help is appreciated!

- Towels
- Rubbing alcohol
- AA batteries
- Black trash bags
- HE laundry detergent
- Small plastic litter boxes
- Heating pads
- Puppy pads
- Newspaper
- Paper towels
- Adult dog wet food
- Cosequin (joint health supplement)
- Pate style cat food
- Kuranda cat bed
- Collars with metal buckle
- Blue and black pens
- Dog treats for training
- Puppy canned food
- Kitten canned food
- Regular & mini miracle nipples (example)
- Digital kitchen scales (for newborns)
- Plain (as in no flavor) Electrolyte packets
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Capital Campaign


There is so much more we can do – Every paw pitched in helps us reach $10 million

Every day, pets arrive at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) in desperate need of our free and/or low-cost services. Many of these pets require vaccines and a spay/neuter surgery while others are in need of extensive medical treatment. As a no-kill shelter, we try to care for as many of these pets as possible, but we are restricted by a lack of space and limited resources.

With this in mind, we are embarking on a $10 million Capital Campaign to build a state-of-the-art medical building and renovate existing facilities at the SAHS on Fredericksburg Road.

Your support can help us save more pets in need.

Capital Campaign (2)

Project Goals - Capital Campaign

Surgical Suite

- DOUBLE the number of spay/neuter surgeries performed at the SAHS on Fredericksburg Road to an annual count of 20,000. Sterilization is the single most powerful way to prevent unwanted litters and ultimately decrease the homeless pet population!
- Simultaneously perform surgeries on injured pets without putting spay/neuter surgeries on hold.

Medical Clinic
- DIVERSIFY and EXPAND the types of cases we are able to receive.
- Isolate the management of contagious, but treatable, diseases.
- Increase space to hold and care for animals awaiting and recovering from treatments or procedures.
- Create new and separate spaces for animals in need of specialty surgery and rehabilitation.

Overall Capital Improvements Benefits
- Construct separate holding bays for pets within each functional location of the building in which they receive service, to include separation for cats and dogs.
- GAIN additional space to receive new pets without disrupting the existing pet population and kennel space.

Education Building Renovation
- INCREASE our community reach due to the allocation of space (once designated for various programs and wellness services) to outreach and humane education opportunities. SAHS educators continue to develop and maintain valuable partnerships with schools, youth groups, organizations, and clubs.

Capital Campaign (3)

Construction Site - Floorplan

NewConstructionSite2 w600


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