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Purr-fectly Fiesta Feline Photo Contest

Lucius, King of the Kitty Cottage 2018

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Royalty comes in all shapes, sizes… and species! Fiesta 2018 marked the San Antonio Humane Society’s second annual feline photo contest, Purr-fectly Fiesta, in which the city’s most festive felines squared off online to be crowned King/Queen of the Kitty Cottage.

Lucius was discovered by his mom, Stephanie, on the San Antonio Humane Society Facebook page and she adopted him that same day. He was her first special needs cat. His vision was poor due to multiple birth defects and several consultations with multiple veterinarians suggested his quality of life would be poor. But Stephanie was determined to never give up on Lucius: he was happy, he wanted to live, and he never acted as though he was different than any other cat. Lucius celebrated his eighth birthday in July of 2018. His mom describes him as the most affectionate, loyal, and active cat of her life, and admits he has taught her many things: “Special needs animal do not consider themselves handicapped… they adapt to life with what they have, not what they lack.” Lucius and his mom now spend their days sharing his life online @LifeWithLucius in the hopes that more special needs animals may be given more chances, more second glances, and more consideration for adoption. Read more about Lucius.

Appreciations to Renee Spade Photography for donating her services and providing a wonderful portrait for his royal whiskered highness.

2018 Contest

Looking for the purr-fect opportunity to contribute towards the San Antonio Humane Society's mission to save thousands of cats and dogs each year AND show off your feline’s festive side?

El Rey Fido XVI and the San Antonio Humane Society are hosting a Purr-fectly Fiesta feline photo contest to find a cat in our community who perfectly embodies the spirit of Fiesta! El Rey Fido XVI and the 2018 Royal Court offer the honorary title of King/Queen of the Kitty Cottage to the feline that shows the most Fiesta-themed creativity. Entry fee is $10 and all proceeds go back towards helping pets at the SAHS!

The photo contest ends: 04/19/2018

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The Winning Feline will receive a most royal welcome:
- Their Likeness featured on the 2019 Purr-fectly Fiesta Fiesta® Medal
- An official photo shoot with renowned pet photographer, Renee Spade
- Their feline portrait on display in our Cat Pavilion
- The Official Title of Sovereign of the Kitty Cottage
- A paw-somely cat-themed gift basket

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Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

Marching into Theatres April 13 in theaters

We are proud to partner with Fun Academy Motion Pictures and share the story of one dog who made a world of difference. YOU can make a difference in the lives of OUR pets by catching this amazing story in theaters! A portion of the proceeds goes towards benefiting our dogs and cats.

Read more about the movie!

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Important Shelter Update

Today, Wednesday January 17, the SAHS will be open from 2pm-7pm! Brooks Spay/Neuter Clinic is closed!


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